Sol Fest To Open With Global Peace and Prosperity Ceremony

On December 22nd, the Sol Fest will be in full swing.  The opening event is a special peace and prosperity ceremony. All who participate in a powerful group energy which will be directed to key locations, cities, countries which are war torn, environmentally unstable and full of economic uncertainty. A lightfeatured Continue reading

Sol Fest Goa: A Transformation Celebration

No matter where you are in Goa, you dont want to miss this celebration: Sol Fest: A Transformation Celebration. Offered at the Love Temple in Arambol, the festival is one of the Omatrix Productions offered by Babaji Maharaj and Brooke Hart designed to empower, enlighten, energize and elevate. What Isfeatured Continue reading

Nectar or Poison?

The quality of life exists in various ratios.  In college you may study and be awarded different degrees in academia.   The greatest student is one who is well versed in life.  The real knowledge that we acquire comes through direct experience. We may have negative or positive experiences onfeatured Continue reading

Light Vs. Darkness

Our personal reality show of these cosmic forces are simultaneously painful and pleasureful. When we usher “light” into our lives, there is redemption and liberation from pain. Perhaps pain is just a temporary restriction or limitation projected on the 3rd eye of your consciousness. Temporary eternity can last a longfeatured Continue reading

Super Yoga Morning Routine

I often feel groggy in the morning.  I used to counteract this by drinking coffee and taking about 2 hours just to get going.  Now, with my busy schedule, I can’t do it anymore.  Instead, I’ve substituted a 10 minute Super Yoga morning routine into my wake – up call.featured Continue reading