The Phenomena of Super Yoga™

The Yoga system has been associated with the Indian system of thought and religion. However, in the 21st century, it stands alone with positions and practices often separated from it’s root philosophy. This has created some controversy among the rigid, old style paths. Most agree that the modern approach tofeatured Continue reading

Launch of Super Yoga™ E-Book

To accompany the courses and teachings of Babaji Maharaj, is the new Super Yoga™ E-book. This e-book has been created as a guideline for students to understand the philosophies and teachings of Maharaj while grasping the several profound concepts of Super Yoga.™ Through this e-book, one will receive the practicalfeatured Continue reading

Get Ready for Our New Online Courses!

The Omatrix Center is pleased to announce that there will soon be new online courses for those interested in Super Yoga, meditation, and techniques to live a Super Life! A variety of automated and semi – live events are being planned to open on September 8th, 2014. Students will befeatured Continue reading

Bringing Super Yoga Close to Home with Big Sur Retreats

Those interested in a new and innovative approach to Yoga can now immerse themselves in the beauty of Big, Sur California for a Super Yoga retreat. This particular Big Sur, California retreats is expected to offer life transformational practices and approaches that allow one to move forward with a betterfeatured Continue reading

Exploration of Super Yoga™ with Bali Retreats

Now travelers and lovers of Yoga can take a journey into an exotic and distant land with Bali retreats. Super Yoga™ is now being offered once a year in Bali for those that want to partake in beauty, nature and a rejuvenating setting with the power of Yoga. The Superfeatured Continue reading

Discovering the Power of Super Yoga with Goa Retreats

Plan an exotic trip across the seas and into a transformational area of life. Super Yoga Level I Goa retreats are now open for registration. These four day retreats are expected to offer a transformational and powerful format of Yoga for teacher training through the new form of Super Yoga,featured Continue reading

What Today’s Corporate Wellness Programs Need

A few years ago, corporations began to recognise that there was a need for corporate health and wellness. On average, corporations are losing $300 billion per year because of a lack of good health and wellness. Despite the ongoing saga of implementing gyms and fitness programs or trying to addfeatured Continue reading

Nectar or Poison?

The quality of life exists in various ratios.  In college you may study and be awarded different degrees in academia.   The greatest student is one who is well versed in life.  The real knowledge that we acquire comes through direct experience. We may have negative or positive experiences onfeatured Continue reading