About the Omatrix

Hubezoo G-NetThe Omatrix Center is a think tank, incubator and accelerator which specializes in progressive approaches to business, entrepreneurship and global impact.  We create innovative projects designed to offer global, social evolution and economic acceleration.  

Omatrix Center serves as an open, global network for consultants, scientists, engineers, investors, corporate heads, government officials to participate and to co-create the most progressive businesses and projects of the future.  

 The Omatrix Selection Process

Businesses, projects and ideas are developed through a highly selective, analytical process with our think tank.  We utilize a trinity categorization of all potential business projects into 3 divisions, which determines the greatest humanitarian outcome and revenue potential. 

Global Social Impact.  All projects are required to show social impact to the global community.  Through all projects developed, a positive outcome is expected to take place, formulating a greater return for society.

Value to Society.  All projects are designed to add value to society, including the creation of a powerful, evolutionary track that creates a positive outcome for corporations, government and society.  All businesses are formulated with the awareness on how this will stimulate the economic, social, cultural and structrual makeup of the global community, specifically with the common goal of creating the smartest design within the business structure for maximum benefit to the global society and economy.  

Highest Investor Return.  Maximum economic stimulation and high investor return are integral to all projects and think tank ideas.  Before beginning any project, research and development is conducted to ensure that there is strong return for those who commit to one of the Omatrix Center think tank projects.

Developmental Opportunities

Incubation.  The Omatrix Center co-creates businesses from the conceptual idea to a growth stage.  We offer insight, value and development from the earliest stages of a project, believing in the ideas and innovation that assists with the evolution of society.  Our consultants will assist and guide you with a monumental outcome for the business being developed.

Research and Development.  Analysts and consultants provide research and development to assist with the validity of all ideas, performing in conjunction with the incubation of a project or business.  All research and development is designed to assist in new ways to create higher amounts of global impact and high investor return.

Acceleration.  The Omatrix Center consultants and professionals are industry experts for the acceleration required for businesses. Our think tank strategically charts and navigates through the initial stages of businesses and projects, guaranteeing a high return from idea to growth of all businesses.

Omatrix Center has an open call and platform to those who have positive impact ideas which they would like to formulate with us.  Contact Us if you would like to be involved as a leading expert or to collaborate with one of our projects.

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