AI-IA: Artificial Intelligence for Interactive Analytics

Hubezoo internetworkHubezoo, the new internetwork being introduced to G-20 countries, features a new search hub – social media platform which organizes the world’s big data. It offers a quantum technology platform which utilizes artificial intelligence for interactive analytics (AI-IA).

A new user friendly global interlink of all information, products and services is fully integrated into a global inclusion platform which is 100x faster in every search and info-data transfer.  All big data is streamlined and classified by location and category, which provides direct, hyperspeed search results.

AI-IA predetermined probabilities and opportunities while expanding connectivity of businesses to other businesses and consumers.  Hubezoo quantum technology info-structure immediately disrupts stagnation, promoting economic acceleration.  Hubezoo saves the consumer, entrepreneurs, corporations and governments time and money to the tune of billions of dollars and through it’s new AI-IA internetwork can identify all potential opportunities to maximize profitability anywhere and everywhere on the planet and in cyberspace.

It is clearly understood that the next big thing is big data.  The global destiny is dependent upon the application and integration of the world’s big data.  Hubezoo is the internetwork which will monitor and manage all the big data of the world so that we can be the master of our physical – virtual destiny.

Hubezoo AI interactive analytics creates thousands of new opportunities for consumers or corporations to create a social – business network that expands contacts globally.  Our smart social media empowers consumers with more privacy and opportunities to play, work and connect through interlinking or interlocking their position within the global internetwork.

If one desires interlinking, they can be accessed by others across multiple platforms, countries and categories.  If one wishes to interlock then access can be blocked in a variety of ways.  This same mechanism can be used by governments, corporations and entrepreneurs to filter and safeguard their online presence.

The interlock factors can be applied across various niche markets and regions.  In cyberspace the best offense is defense.  Hubezoo’s internetwork will have the highest security level, beyond anything in the current market.  We will quantimize our algorithm into a cross-data mirror, creating a mirage of infostreams.  This new security code application is virtually impossible to crack.  Upon any attack or interference, a new quantum mirror is created in response, streaming with infodata out into infinity.

Hubezoo is dedicated to artificial intelligence that works for people, creating jobs, opportunities, protecting the privacy of both citizens and governments big data and creating the most powerful online – offline internetwork in the world.

Techno GuruBy Babaji Maharaj

Babaji Maharaj, chairman and founder of Hubezoo, is dedicated to the implementation of Hubezoo, the internetwork of the future, which can be the solution for economic acceleration.  Hubezoo is both a global search hub – social media network, which is the world’s first smart technology infostructure.  Hubezoo valuation is currently at $1.8 billion and is projected to reach $38 billion in revenue by year 5.  G-20 implementation begins in 2017.  The Future Is Here.  Learn more by clicking here.

Babaji Maharaj is the chairman of Hubezoo, founder of Omatrix Center and sometimes referred to as the Techno Guru.  He is on a mission to promote prosperity, unity, cooperation and peace through the application of right technology.

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