AI-IA: Artificial Intelligence for Interactive Analytics

Hubezoo, the new internetwork being introduced to G-20 countries, features a new search hub – social media platform which organizes the world’s big data. It offers a quantum technology platform which utilizes artificial intelligence for interactive analytics (AI-IA). A new user friendly global interlink of all information, products and services is fullyfeatured Continue reading

The Valuation of Innovation

The valuation of innovation in the global society is a fine art unto itself.  The technological wonders of the past, present and future will always be simultaneously met with amazement and resistance. The greatest social and economic global impact occurs when innovation and infrastructure collide into positive disruption and manifestation.featured Continue reading

Hubedo: AI of Opportunity

Hubedo introduces a new business platform for entrepreneurs, SME, MBE and corporations, equating to $9 billion in revenue by year 5 and tapping the trillion dollar marketplace.   Our future success and business models are evolving into a relational integration of physical and virtual reality. Hubedo creates a big datafeatured Continue reading

Hubezoo Introduces New Innovation For G-20 Economic Acceleration

The great leaders of tomorrow collectively understand that technology plays a valuable role in the global society.  The current digital dilemma of an Internet without proper technology info-structure is literally causing losses of 100s of billions of dollars on a yearly basis, according to a white paper by Omatrix Consultant,featured Continue reading

Synchronicity: Facebook + Google = Hubezoo

The global community is always fascinated by the gravity of innovation.  The combined mass appeal of social media with a search engine in a new technology info-structure is what may be the next giant unicorn. Hubezoo is a global search hub and smart social network.  Omatrix, the parent holding company,featured Continue reading

How To Value The Unicorn Self

Dealing with the wonderful world of valuation, whether property or business, and certainly technology, relies on interesting variables. First, how does one judge their own self worth? Ask yourself right now, how much am I worth? To yourself, based on what your contribution is to the global society. Is thisfeatured Continue reading

Quantum Emerging Marketization

By Babaji Maharaj The role of technology can be a great catalyst for emerging markets who are in transition from the old village paradigm into a new course of global economic empowerment. Through a new technology infostructure, which is precisely designed for maximum big data organization and interactivity via local,featured Continue reading

Where Are You Going? A Vision of the Future

By Babaji Maharaj The real primal question for each of us on an individual and collective level is… Where are you going? Our future is filled with amazement, anticipation, fear and uncertainty. A variety of emotions are triggered as we survey the potentiality on the future horizon. Here are somefeatured Continue reading