How A True Information Automation Network Empowers Global Society

By Brooke Hart A hierarchical structure is commonly accepted in modern day society among corporations to politicians. It upholds leadership as well as powerful policies that have allowed the world to evolve in a specific manner. Development in trade, corporate expansion and mega cities are some of the benefits offeatured Continue reading

Technology of War Vs. Technology of Peace: The Final Round

By Brooke Hart A report from 2013 states that over $1.76 trillion is spent on war. Compiled statistics say that the globe at large has become less peaceful in the last 10 years, with most equating war defense and measures as a major contribution to their total budgetary spending. Weapons,featured Continue reading

Global Positioning Digital India’s Future

The current interactions and opportunities that I have been a part of to India’s technological growth has been a fresh and stimulating experience.  India, as a nation, is at a great tipping point that will bridge it into a prosperous country and as an innovative leader.   I have beenfeatured Continue reading

The Hub Economy: Where Everybody Wins

I’m interested in a system where everybody wins. When personal creativity is increased by opportunity, it allows entrepreneurs and businesses to reach levels of success. Of course, this would take a new organizational system and strategic methodology to boost the economic return at both a micro and macro level. Infeatured Continue reading

Omatrix Center Launches Digital India Initiative

 Omatrix Center is teaming up with Digital India, creating an increase in the flow of information and prosperity to the country. The beginning of Hubezoo, a new techno global network, is being introduced to the country, combined with a training initiative in 6 central regions throughout India. While Omatrix Consultant,featured Continue reading

What Today’s Corporate Wellness Programs Need

A few years ago, corporations began to recognise that there was a need for corporate health and wellness. On average, corporations are losing $300 billion per year because of a lack of good health and wellness. Despite the ongoing saga of implementing gyms and fitness programs or trying to addfeatured Continue reading