About the Founder

About Founder, Babaji Maharaj

Babaji Maharaj

Babaji is the Founder and CEO of Omatrix Center. He has been a global consultant and advisor to corporations, government, and institutions for over 30 years. As a consultant, he specializes in innovative technology, security, health and wellness. He is a double unicorn startup manager and founder with Akal Group, which now does $1 billion in security contracts, including NASA. 

UnaHub is the new global internetwork of the future. It is unique in being a global search hub interlink and social media network, organizing all the world’s big data into niche markets and tapping into the $22 trillion marketplace of all online – offline global commerce. As the founder of UnaHub, the internetwork of the future, he believes artificial intelligence can be utilized to create jobs, not destroy them. Smart innovation can and will generate global economic acceleration.

At the age of 7, he was proclaimed a child genius. Later, at 12, he was lecturing on Einstein’s theory of relativity. Babaji achieved a black belt in karate at 16 and is also a Kundalini Yoga Master. His Super Yoga brand was featured in the London Yoga Magazine in August, 2014. He has counselled heads of state, numerous celebrities, royal families, taught at 3 universities, and has been director of 3 NGOs. He is a former consultant of innovative software and multi-million dollar retail companies, and consulted with the largest hospital in the U.S. for the first stress reduction program. His work has influenced thousands of people to live healthier, happier, peaceful and prosperous lives. He is dedicated to empowering individuals, corporations, governments and countries to creating a new, progressive approach of unity and cooperation.