Omatrix Consulting offers strategic development and marketing solutions with advanced technology. We have created innovative and powerful formulas to bring corporations, businesses and entrepreneurs new opportunities through our specialized analysis, research and development programs. Experience empowerment and education that boosts prosperity in the global community.

Developing Advanced Infostructures

Corporate Wellness Consultant
With greater info flow in communities and countries is greater cash flow.  Our consultation programs are designed to create sustainability and prosperity in countries in every area of the globe. We have combined our analysis with innovative technologies that supplement the needs of communities in every location.  From consultating initiatives to in-depth analysis and new technology, are complete and comprehensive opportunities to bring prosperity to your organization and community.


Areas of Specialization


We offer support to corporations, community, institutions and government.  Our focus of expertise is based on achieving the following objectives:

  • Sustainability in corporations and communities
  • Developing Infostructures
  • Using Advanced Technology Structures
  • Organizational Strategies
  • Job Creation within Communities
  • The Use of Technology for Sustainability and Networking
  • Tourist and Commerce Initiatives and Development


Benefitting Your Organization and Community

Our initiatives combine strategic solutions with consulting that fits the current needs and demands of your organization or community.  We have found specific trends within communities that require upgrades with the organizational and systematic efforts.  From our analysis, we have developed an innovative infostructure, designed to increase prosperity flow within your community.

See How Our Infostructure Benefits Your Community Here:

Our powerful formulas are based on sustainable prosperity while bringing new opportunities to every individual within the community. Connect to us today for a partnership that will activate your organization or community to greater prosperity.


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