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The current interactions and opportunities that I have been a part of to India’s technological growth has been a fresh and stimulating experience.  India, as a nation, is at a great tipping point that will bridge it into a prosperous country and as an innovative leader.  

I have been in India and Asia for over four years and am aware of the intricate nature of culture, politics and business in the country.  The experiences that I have been introduced to all point to the need for Digital India to become a central focus for the nation.  It is both momentus and admirable for the country, which I am happy to witness taking place.  

I often tell others that India under estimates itself.  It has a place in the global community as technical leaders.  The IT resources that India has contributed to the world has already placed them on track to build their global reputation.  While the businesses and individuals have offered their services to the world, providing themselves with the same services and support will balance their evolution and allow the country to become powerful and dignified.  

The position that India has placed for itself as a nation must expand in order to add to their evolution and development of technology.  This will also determine their future placement at a global level.  While there are great strides for the nation, a global position is required to expand.  

A brand analyst is always concerned with position and placement.  When this is in relation to countries, it is the reputation of the brand at a global level that becomes the most essential.  For India to build Digital India to the globe, it requires more emphasis on certain brand qualities.  

1.  Technology = Innovation.  Indian citizens and technicians must believe more in innovation and understand certain characteristics that this holds for effectiveness.  When there is resistance to experimentation and the unknown, it becomes detrimental to the growth of technology and the nation.  Technology, and the Information Age, relies on innovation.  Resistance to the new creates lack in potential for growth.  While there are initiatives for entrepreneurs and start ups, this must be expanded and supported in new ways while moving into brave, new territory.  

2.  Go global.  Digital India and Make in India need to be positioned globally, not just nationally.  An interesting occurrence happens with globalisation where countries will open resources, then constrict them later, which stops production and brand positioning.  Yes, resources should be national and support the country.  However, true growth and a platform for technology must be global, specifically because technology companies are competing at a global level.  This positioning will equate to success and stimulate the economy while allowing India to show the world what they have.

3.  Economy and Productivity.  Challenges have been stated continuously by political leaders within India as well as with foreign relations, such as from the UAE, in regards to having funding.  The challenges relate to difficult processes to begin and work with businesses, as well as restrictions at an international level in relation to conducting business.  From my personal experiences and relationships to many India friends, I also see this as a trend.  Economy and productivity is a flimsy boost unless there is an open invitation through organization and structure that increases cash flow.  For India to gain a positive reputation at a global level, they must change this identification.  

Technology is a powerful tool for economic growth.  My personal experiences with India as a nation have allowed me to pin point an exciting ideal of what the Digital India movement can do in terms of empowerment for the people of the nation.  The technical and economic ideologies in terms of global positioning will allow India to spearhead the technological revolution at a global level.

About Brooke Hart

Brooke HartBrooke Hart, Director of Omatrix, is responsible for strategy, Internet business development and global marketing. She is also co – founder of Hubezoo G – Net, the first and largest online network.

Hart is a global consultant that has launched hundreds of entrepreneurs internationally, focusing on brand identity and specialized marketing.  She continues to assist businesses and corporations through her business, On Target, in creating the full spectrum of their brand.  

Hart is a humanitarian and founded the Helpezoo hub, designed to help humanity. She also works as a serial entrepreneur and is currently developing the business, “Just Be You,” for fashion, beauty, cosmetic and organic product lines designed to empower both men and women. She guides and mentors entrepreneurs through her program, “Art of Success,” which follows her book, “9 Secrets to Success.

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