Hubezoo High – Tech Is the New Oil

Hubezoo G-NetIn our new modern global society, we all need water, food, shelter and money.  The world we live in now also requires and is dependent on information.  This info data which streams through the Internet is more vital and valuable than oil.  Oil is currently going into a down cycle while technology is moving into an up cycle.    

One begins to clearly understand the importance and magnitude of managing all this information in big data, which seems to be forever expanding, like the Big Bang theory of our universe.  

Hubezoo, a new technology search hub and technology infostructure, creates a global interlink network, which manages all the world’s big data and reconfigures it into simple divisions so the global community can easily access it.  

22 niche hubs and mobile apps fully integrate into a global network.  Each hub is a large portal, such as Sportezoo, Healthezoo, Govezoo, Bankezoo, Helpezoo.  Imagine having 22 cyber oil wells.  

Innovation, technology products and services, are on the economic upswing and can create global impact and economic acceleration.  Innovations to the global economy are now worth trillions.  Earlier inventions from Tesla, which led to even development and high tech Star Wars type weaponry, would easily be in the trillions.  

Innovation is always the hallmark of success.  Hubezoo, in a start up phase, has a projected valuation of $2 billion.  It has an underestimated projected revenue of $38 billion by year 5.  Based on market competitors, such as Google and Facebook and a patent pending software system, Hubezoo is an epic launch of a giant tech company which is now in Round A investor funding.  

F + G = H (Facebook + Google = Hubezoo).  

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About Babaji Maharaj

Techno GuruBabaji is the founder of the Omatrix Center and the Hubezoo Creator. As a global consultant, he has worked with governmental agencies, corporations and celebrities for over 30 years. He is an expert in the security, health, technology sectors. He is a double unicorn startup manager and founder with his first unicorn, Akal Group, which now does $1 billion in security contracts, including NASA. His second unicorn, Hubezoo G-Net, has a current valuation of $2 billion and is preparing for a global launch.

At the age of 7, he was proclaimed a child genius. Later, at 12, he was lecturing on Einstein’s theory of relativity. Babaji achieved a black belt in karate at 16 and is also a Kundalini Yoga Master. His Super Yoga brand was featured in the London Yoga Magazine in August, 2014. He has counselled heads of state, two Royal families, taught at 3 universities and consulted with the largest hospital in the U.S.. His work has influenced thousands of people to live healthier, happier, peaceful and prosperous lives. He has met and worked with dozens of celebrities but rather than being called a celebrity guru, he is now nicknamed the Techno Guru.

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