How To Value The Unicorn Self

valueDealing with the wonderful world of valuation, whether property or business, and certainly technology, relies on interesting variables. First, how does one judge their own self worth? Ask yourself right now, how much am I worth? To yourself, based on what your contribution is to the global society. Is this valuation based only on material sense? Does being a person of integrity or spirituality raise your personal valuation? Corporations at least try to be socially responsibly, sometimes. Is their soul purpose based on pure intention?

In the whole scope of the global community, valuation comes through our network – friends, families, business associations. Personally, I believe there should be greater respect given to everyone and to everything. Part of our value system comes from what we utilize our emotional intelligence, which may cause fluctuations in our mental stock market of assessing our worth and the general worth of our society around us.

I believe that of all social factors, technology can and will create the greatest global impact. I sincerely believe that we will experience a future which unites us in a collaboration of cooperation. For this to be realised, truthful communication, open interaction, quantum info data exchange and technology transfers must be absolutely reliable, without gaps and what I call linear info data overload.

That the world around us is currently under a great deal of stress, we all know. The flow of information upon the Internet is so absolutely vital to our existence in the 21st century and is in dire digital need of a complete overhaul. The reason for this is clear: the current Internet slows, is ineffective and is unable to manage all of the world’s big data. Placing yellow pages and your libraries online maybe sounded interesting 20 years ago, but it is now elementary. 20 years in technology time equates to the dinosaur age.

Even communication and email is ineffective. Searches take way too long and don’t necessarily lead you to anything besides advertisements. You also may not be getting your emails on a regular basis. Just recently, in my box, Silicon Valley Bank was marked spam and had to be retrieved from my bulk mail, along with a series of emails from old friends to important business contacts. Be fore warned, all the gaps on the Internet, combined with dropped calls, equates to a loss of billions of dollars on the whole of global society, as well as tons of stress on the community, contributing to more billions of dollars of lost revenue. Antiquated architecture, combined with now enhanced security features, try to protect and prop up the failing structure, creating gaps and breaks in the financial, government and social network.

The utilization of technology, which is antiquated, is producing instability in our global economy and society at large. We all know that a strong architecture is absolutely necessary for a building to maintain or sustain itself. That the global economy is morphing into a global technoconomy, we are witnessing at light speed. If we create a quantum platform or big data organizational network which is so powerful and invincible, then it can strengthen our relationships with one another, open new doorways of communication, trade, cooperation and where each country is able to protect and secure it’s cyber domain and yet create rapid info data exchange and global interlinks with the society at large.

If a new technology infostructure, like the proverbial Golden Bridge, created a global interlink through cyberspace with quantum capacity, what would that be worth to the global community? Only time will tell.

The Future Is Here And It Is the Hubezoo.

About Babaji Maharaj

Techno GuruBabaji is the founder of the Omatrix Center and the Hubezoo Creator. As a global consultant, he has worked with governmental agencies, corporations and celebrities for over 30 years. He is an expert in the security, health, technology sectors. He is a double unicorn startup manager and founder with his first unicorn, Akal Group, which now does $1 billion in security contracts, including NASA. His second unicorn, Hubezoo G-Net, has a current valuation of $2 billion and is preparing for a global launch. At the age of 7, he was proclaimed a child genius. Later, at 12, he was lecturing on Einstein’s theory of relativity. Babaji achieved a black belt in karate at 16 and is also a Kundalini Yoga Master. His Super Yoga brand was featured in the London Yoga Magazine in August, 2014. He has counselled heads of state, two Royal families, taught at 3 universities and consulted with the largest hospital in the U.S.. His work has influenced thousands of people to live healthier, happier, peaceful and prosperous lives. He has met and worked with dozens of celebrities but rather than being called a celebrity guru, he is now nicknamed the Techno Guru.

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