How A True Information Automation Network Empowers Global Society

By Brooke Hart

QuantumA hierarchical structure is commonly accepted in modern day society among corporations to politicians. It upholds leadership as well as powerful policies that have allowed the world to evolve in a specific manner. Development in trade, corporate expansion and mega cities are some of the benefits of this structure that the majority of the world thrives on today.

When looking at information, there is a question of whether this same hierarchical structure can exist. Information today runs on a hierarchical system, with keywords, media and payments to highlight specific pieces of information being the central function. Under the current search engine and Internet system, not all information is created equal. It is only as good as the marketing scheme in which one decides to value and buy into. Unfortunately, this leads to the commonly known problem of mis – information, mis – representation, lack of net neutrality and system overloads that so many experience today.

While we introduced and expanded into the Information Age with the Internet and promise of infinite amounts of data the globe, the older structure of the Industrial Age followed closely behind, imprinting the pieces of info data into an industrial format. Instead of looking at the context of information, a simple stamp of copying an old system was created with the applications of information following closely behind. While this worked for an initial supplement and introduction to information and data, it does not do justice to the information that is available. Instead, content is copied or spun and the most relevant content is based on the keyword marketing schemes and guidance of search engines to direct you to information.

Quantum Information Systems

All information should be treated equally. The core issue which is in net neutrality debates today, as well as media conflicts, is based on information that is seen continuously and other information which is not seen at all. Who decides which information is seen? Under a corporate, hierarchical structure, it is the boss who decides. With the Internet, it is keyword relevance, marketing experts and those who use PPC.

The Internet and information was created for everyone. Information today is critical. It is the center of an evolving society, justifies decisions that are made and expands our ideals into something new. The ability to understand and process pieces of information changes how we relate to others. Research studies, academic based ideals and science all expect all information to be given. The conclusion that the world was flat was based on limited data. The breakthrough was when correct information was found. If our conclusions are only based on limited amounts of data, then there is no way to make a correct decision. This can harm millions with information as the central ideology of this age.

A quantum information processing system allows all information to be created equal. Users can find information at their discretion and are led to knowledge that is whole and complete. When organization and data are processed through quantum equivalents, it eliminates the hierarchy of irrelevant information. If one has critical information first with navigation and direction to answer questions and find solutions, then it changes the outcome of situations. Fair decisions can be made, discretion can be used and debates would simply become irrelevant as everyone would have the knowledge to stop central issues. Only a quantum organizational processing system can provide this format.

The result of a quantum processing system in which all information is treated equal would alter the outcome and consciousness of society at large. It would offer a strong knowledge base which would simply clear decisions and change attitudes at a global level. Knowledge treated equally leads to intelligence. In the Information Age, intelligence is the bedrock of greater evolution and wiser decisions. A true information automation network in the information society empowers all the people.  

About Brooke Hart

Brooke HartBrooke Hart, Director of Omatrix, is responsible for strategy, Internet business development, research and global marketing. She is also co – founder of Hubezoo G – Net, the first and largest online network. She is also owner of On Target, a marketing and consulting company, in which she guides and assists businesses with their marketing potential and brand spectrum.

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