Hubedo: AI of Opportunity


Hubedo introduces a new business platform for entrepreneurs, SME, MBE and corporations, equating to $9 billion in revenue by year 5 and tapping the trillion dollar marketplace.  

Our future success and business models are evolving into a relational integration of physical and virtual reality. Hubedo creates a big data global network and utilizes what is known as AI-IA (artificial intelligent interactive analytics).  The new Hubedo platform offers a space where everyone wins.  It looks at the needs within the productivity of society to create results that are maximized, saving billions in wasted time and money while tapping the trillion dollar marketplace.

1. Networking.  New business owners, those who need advice, liasons to companies and others within the network can use interactive analytics to network with those that they are interested in.  The development of one’s platform creates direct matches to work opportunities, allowing everyone to meet their match in the work force.

2. Human Capital.  Hubedo uses AI-IA – artifical intelligence interactive analytics for the people.  The AI is used to serve and help people, not to destroy or replace them.  Hubedo AI-IA design creates millions of jobs and identifies all local, regional and global opportunities for business generation, deal origination, partnerships, personal and corporate invention and re-invention.  We utilize an advanced code design to create and guide you at hyperspeed through the business day and cycle.

The human – machine interface is harmonious in gathering data in relation to human capital and creating connectivity for stronger productivity.  The technological interface should always have a harmonious core sustaining our life force, economy and the foundation of the global society.

3. Flexi – Work.  Trends are now emerging within society to include remote work, flexi work, telecommuting and virtual opportunities and offices.  Hubedo organizes platforms that make flexi-work stable and sustainable.  Video connections, online management, and advanced online workplace structures allow corporations to begin working on a stronger platform with flexibility.

4.  On – Demand Interactivity.  Project based options, temporary teams, contractual work and turn-around for employees and corporations will be widely available.  SBEs, MBEs and corporations will be able to utilize Hubedo to manage different projects with the right human capital.  By offering different formats for the working environment, there will be stabilized flexi-work options, cost savings, combined with more productivity.

5.  Job and Business creation.  Technology to fuel the productivity levels within each community have a positive impact on the economic environment.  Hubedo creates millions of new job opportunities.  Tech rep business creation and entrepreneurial development with individuals and co-op platforms are introduced.  We predict that each locality will introduce a minimum of 1500 new businesses within one year through the organization of this platform.

6. Interactive Analytics.  Live analytical formulas with big data will be available for individuals, businesses and corporations.  These connect everyone in the work force to direct matches with human capital, opportunities and information.    Management of the work force, HR and new opportunities will immediately be at one’s fingertips.  Goal setting that matches with qualitative infodata will be mixed with interactive analytics, working as a guide for the development of a career or a company.

7. Interconnectivity.  The Hubedo big advantage is the parent company, Hubezoo.  This organizes all big data of the world so that one can access every product, service and business on planet Earth at hyperspeed.  Co-ops, entrepreneurs, teams and corporations can integrate specials and options through the Hub Economy on Hubezoo. Self-b’s with customer reviews, will consist of photos with satisifed customers, developing more transparency within companies.  Both internal and external interconnectivity will be available for businesses to leverage their company marketing, relations and activities that are online.

8.  Acceleration: Hubedo GEA (global economic acceleration).  Hubedo is designed to process the life cycle of businesses.  Stages included R&D, business generation, deal origination, human capital, start-up, early stage, growth cycles, etc.  The Hubedo universe naturally expands and promotes growth through connectivity, cooperation, business partnerships via quantum infodata flow.  The Hubedo is able to target exact demographics through the Hubezoo quantum social media internetwork.

The emergence of virtual to physical business formulates an info-structure for the information age.  Productivity, goal orientation, interconnectivity and economic stimulation can be created through the formation of organized technological structures.  Hubedo offers a complete system for every career and production demand to have access to those looking at new opportunities.

The Hubedo G.E.A (global economic acceleration) platform is being introduced in 2017.  G-20 countries and interested parties may contact us for more information.

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