Hubezoo G-Net To Create Internet Revolution

By Babaji Maharaj

Hubezoo G-NetHubezoo G-Net, the holographic search hub network, will morph the Internet landscape. It includes 1 billion gig economy opportunities and $1 trillion in global yearly revenue.

The exciting thing about new innovation is that it replaces the old and antiquated technology. The evolution of technology is a breaking of the linear barrier of the past while entering the holographic frontier of the future.

Omatrix, one of the world’s leading technology think tanks, is at the forefront of this quantum technology revolution, which will completely morph the Internet landscape.

By 2020, a radical shift will take place in how we use, view and organize all the world’s big data. We have reached the melting point where the technology architecture, some so basic, or even infantile, is completely ineffective and lacking an intelligent technology architecture.

This technology gap is a serious flaw in the structure of our global society and economy. The organization of big data into a holographic search hub internetwork creates global impact at a magnitude perhaps like nothing else before.

If we unleash the power of quantum technology for the greater good, than the global economy can quickly recover and reach a new cycle of prosperity and sustainability. This outcome is what everyone would like and is much preferred over apocalyptic scenarios involving war, destruction and economic recession.

Smart technology architecture can design the future exactly the way we want it to be.

About Babaji Maharaj

Techno GuruBabaji is the founder of the Omatrix Center, Hubezoo Creator and is a visionary in empowerment, education and enlightenment to the globe. He offers consulting, guidance and insight into all walks of life, ranging from Smart City technologies to health and wellness in the workplace.

Maharaj is often referred to as the Techno Guru from his creation of Hubezoo G – Net and his divine mission to promote peace and prosperity through the power of technology. The Techno Guru formula, Creativity + Technology = Prosperity and Peace (C+T = Px2), is setting a new stage to how technology is implemented.

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