Hubezoo Introduces New Innovation For G-20 Economic Acceleration

Hubezoo internetworkThe great leaders of tomorrow collectively understand that technology plays a valuable role in the global society.  The current digital dilemma of an Internet without proper technology info-structure is literally causing losses of 100s of billions of dollars on a yearly basis, according to a white paper by Omatrix Consultant, Brooke Hart.

It is definitely time for a more intelligent design.  New innovation can be a global catalyst for the global community and economy.  By creating a new technology main frame, which organizes all big data so it can be managed, protected, and marketed on a global level is absolutely paramount.

Hubezoo is to introduce a smart, global search hub and social media internetwork to G-20 countries and emerging markets in 2017.  Hubezoo is a global interlink which organizes all big data by location and category into one, great internetwork, which creates 100 xs greater connectivity and hyperspeeds searches, infodata exchanges, social media hook ups and all economic transactions.

Insiders are calling the technological architecture of Hubezoo amazing, massive and brilliant.  It is the most advanced technology info-structure and may well become the internetwork foundation of the future.  Once you organize a countries big data, you can manage it, capitalize on it and secure it.

The current cyberspace has turned into a war zone and is full of gaps and risks due to antiquated software.  Security and identity issues in the Internet community must be immediately addressed.  Every country and business in the globe is still operating in a fragmentation of information automation because of the absence of a local – national – global interlink.

Hubezoo internetwork architecture creates the first global interlink and fully integrated smart info-structure.  This global solution and new innovation is a dynamic powerhouse for economic acceleration.

Hubedo, a software network within the central Hubezoo, literally automates the entire global gig economy and can create $1 trillion yearly revenue while producing millions of jobs and opportunities in every country.

Hubezoo is projected to increase the macroeconomy up to 5-8% and the role out for the Hubezoo internetwork Phase 1 implementation begins in October 2016 with a G-20 global implementation plan to set up the entire internetwork into 300 countries by 2019.

Click Here To View the 8 Minute Video Prototype.

Hubezoo Implementation plan

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