Omatrix Center focuses on solutions that have high social impact, empower individuals, and provide positive evolution to the global community. We take ideas through an incubation, research, development and completion to the acceleration phase.  We stay on the cutting-edge, identify evolutionary trends and focus on high investor return as well as positive social return.


UnaHub is an innovative internetwork platform.  It uses quantum algorithms, AI and the blockchain to create an autonomous platform. UnaHub is able to move into several niche hubs, each which create an interface that combines social media, search and commerce, providing stronger user experiences.   

Learn more about UnaHub here.

Angel Guard 

Empowering and Protecting the Global Community

Angel GuardAngel Guard Enterprises empowers and protects the global community. The innovative fashion – tech product combines high – end fashion designs and accessories which connect to an app. Angel Guard is designed to combat against the epidemic of violence with the goal of reducing crime by 25% within 5 years.  Revenue to reach $1.2 billion by Year 5.  

Learn More About Angel Guard Enterprises

Super Yoga Lifestyle Programs

Super Yoga™Enhance your lifestyle with special programs for corporations and individuals.  Introducing unique and innovative ways to offer lifestyle solutions with Yoga, health and corporate structures for better productivity.  Super Yoga was featured in the August 2014 London Yoga Magazine and produced on Goa’s Prime TV.

View Our Lifestyle Programs.

Elemental: Back to Balance

ElementalAn Eco-tech enterprise dedicated to environmental sustainability through elemental balance.  High technology applications which restore the Earth’s natural balance and harnasses resourcse without damaging the environment.  Our P.U.R.I.F.Y. Program works with a six stage process to re-balance the Earth while providing more opportunities with humanitarian efforts.  Revenue to reach $800 Million by Year 5.  

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