Omatrix Center takes ideas through an incubation, research, development and completion of the acceleration phase.  All businesses and projects are designed for global, social and economic impact.  We create value while looking for evolutionary trends that bring high investor return.

Hubezoo: The Future Is Here

hubezooHubezoo is an innovative internetwork platform.  It organizes all big data into 22 niche hubs for easier navigation and to hyperspeed searches.  Hubezoo interlinks social, commerce and information hubs, allowing users to experience greater interactivity.  Through the technological platform, Hubezoo offers true and fair information, acceleration of the global economy and greater connectivity.  Revenue to reach $38 Billion revenue by year 5.  

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Hubedo: Automating the Work Force

HubedoHubedo is smart innovation for job creation.  It offers an advanced technology platform to increase productivity and economic sustainability.  Hubedo utilizes a smart design to create, locate, organize, communicate, organize, identify, qualify, monitor, analyze, connect, interact and bridge any and all opportunities for business and job creation.  Opportunities exist everywhere and exponentially increase productivity through connectivity and interactivity.  Artificial Intelligence is used to create jobs, not to destroy them.  Revenue to reach $9 Billion by Year 5.  


Angel Guard: To Empower and Protect


Angel GuardAngel Guard Enterprises empowers and protects the global community. The innovative fashion – tech product combines high – end fashion designs and accessories which connect to an app. Angel Guard is designed to combat against the epidemic of violence with the goal of reducing crime by 25% within 5 years.  Revenue to reach $1.2 billion by Year 5.  

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IBC: Internet Broadcasting Corporation

IBC is designed to bridge and create a new media platform which integrates entertainment and education into a new and progressive format.  Emphasis is on harmonic creativity which promotes a more positive, individual – global entity and brand.  IBC will filter negative programming and false news.  It is our committment to create positive content, productive interactivity among the global community.  Revenue to reach $5 Billion by Year 5.  

Elemental: Back to Balance

ElementalAn Eco-tech enterprise dedicated to environmental sustainability through elemental balance.  High technology applications which restore the Earth’s natural balance and harnasses resourcse without damaging the environment.  Our P.U.R.I.F.Y. Program works with a six stage process to re-balance the Earth while providing more opportunities with humanitarian efforts.  Revenue to reach $800 Million by Year 5.  

Infinity Hardware

Innovative technology products with smart design for niche markets and to enhance lifestyle preferences.  Family member gadgets and devices for unique needs are offered.  Fintech innovations are offered for the future of banking.  Expansion into security, travel and educational tools are provided to greater assist the needs for the 21st century.  Revenue to reach $7 Billion by year 5.  

Super Yoga / Corporate Stress Programs

Super Yoga™Enhance your lifestyle with special programs for corporations and individuals.  Introducing unique and innovative ways to offer lifestyle solutions with Yoga, health and corporate structures for better productivity.  Super Yoga was featured in the August 2014 London Yoga Magazine and produced on Goa’s Prime TV.

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