On the Threshold of the Future

tech 2One has to look beyond the calamity and chaos which exists to discover both sanity and a sustainable solution for the global community.

Currently, countries place more and more rules and regulations upon it’s global citizens to enforce control, laws and order. To some degree, this is quite necessary to manage the high level of chaos and potential conflicts that may arises.

Perhaps rather than forcing the orderly society to comply, which has become a military exercise, the government, military and governmental agencies can create a smarter society that would cooperate, rather than riot, creating a community instead of destroying them.

What if people were given educational and social action, economic support, while creating a global society which was more organized, synchronized, creative, productive and evolving on a sustainable future continuum track.

We can effectively utilize the pyramid ratio of power, which is established through the people, government and corporations. When it is an equal ratio, there will be no downward spiral, which is problematic, when the balance of power corrupts, it will absolutely tilt the pyramid off balance.

Everything is a formula. We don’t have to travel to planets such as Mars, Jupiter, Pluto. We have the formula, the technology is in our grasp. If we miscalculate our moon landing, we of course, fail our mission. The leaders of the world are directing the destiny of the planet. Where are we going? Is there creative collective of the political titans and financial tycoons who are guiding humanity?

I hope so. Because I know we are on the threshold of the future.

Personally, I am not interested in living through a global mad maximum scenario. We are at the global tipping point where negative and positive forces must rebalance into a renaissance and rebirth of a new global network. Each of our attitudes, approaches and the way we interface between our humanology and technology must be organized into a new infrastructure. This is our foundation. For the future to exist, we must realize it and collectively synchronize technology, ecology, economy and our humanology.

The current dilemma of the global economy is based on a capitalistic society, many of who still believe that money is the root of evil. With personal and religious beliefs which then are projected onto leaders who, yes, seem to act out of integrity in some circumstances. The bankers are viewed as the “bad guys” because they control the monetary system. All of this sets up a negative interaction which escalates to a gigantic issue of the people vs. the bankers and politicians.

The adversity and polarity could bring an evolutionary downfall likened to Rome or the French Revolution when people have nothing to lose. Then they will lose it. Perhaps the Emperor thought he was too big to fail. The Titanic was too big to sink into the depths of history.

This is a difficult crossroads where the entire global community is looking for a solution or an exit strategy from the calamity. The global economy is in a massive transition between an outdated system, which is, in fact on red alert due to fractions, limitation, irrational of the global currency exchange. In America, the land of the free and a beautiful country with great wealth, why are people so unhappy?

All of our personal and global issues are solved by understanding the relational formula of a smarter and global society.

Global Economy
Global Ecology

Global Technology

Global Humanology

Human Economy
Human Ecology
Human Techology
Human Humanity

Technology Technology
Technology Ecology
Technology Economy
Technology Humanology

Ecology Economy
Ecology Ecology
Ecology Technology
Ecology Humanology

Economy Economy
Economy Technology
Economy Ecology
Economy Humanology
The emphatic ratio variable changes while remaining constant, creating new relationships to change the outcome.

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