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Yoga Magazine

The 3rd largest magazine in the world!  Super Yoga was proudly featured in the August issue of Yoga Magazine with a great job done and a positive interaction with their team.

August, 2014

Super Yoga in European Yoga Magazine


Read the full article here:  Super Yoga Magazine Article

Koramangala, Bangalore City Kemp Newspaper

June, 2014

A warm welcome to the city of Bangalore, India with a Super Life article featured in the Koramangala section and opening the door to introductory workshops for living the Super Life.

imageMaui Times

In May of 2013, the Maui Times offered a warm welcome to the opening of the Omatrix Center school in Maui, Hawaii and exploring the several alternative therapies expected to be offered through the area.

Maui News Story


Conscious Evolution Media

September, 2014

Many thanks to Conscious Evolution Media and a heart felt embrace to Steve Toth!  This 1 hour interview opened the doors to the philosophies of Babaji Maharaj, based on the theme of How to Awaken the Greatest You.  Learn about the personal experiences of enlightenment from Maharaj, Super Yoga, the Super Human, Robin Williams and other current issues and answers for the 21st century awakening.

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