healing the root center

Healing the Foundation


The focus of this session will be the balancing and the healing of the Root Center.  At this level, we encounter many challenges and difficulties that primarily have to do with our survival in the world.  

Problems of this kind are  usually tracked back to birth trauma, early childhood and our relationship to our parents.  At such an early stage, the role of the parents, especially the mother, is of crucial importance for our health development.  We come into the world helpless and very vulnerable, totally dependent on the mother for our survival.  During that phase she is the whole world to us.  

In order to feel safe and secure in the world, worthy of love and success, we must open the flow of energy at the red lotus.  When we release these deep – seated traumas, fears and personal insecurities, the red lotus becomes our throne a solid foundation upon which we can build our future, thrive and flourish.  Love and prosperity will then come to us easily and naturally.  We feel safe and secure, worthy of love and success.  


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