Healing Your Relationships

Healing Your Relationships


At the level of the Sex Center, we want to become co – creators in the grand play of life. We have a need to express ourselves, our feelings, emotions and creativity. Channeled outward, our sexual energy becomes that life – giving energy, the primal creative force of the universe in manifestation. Through the interplay of male and female energies, we become inspired to create myriads of new forms of expression.

Emotional scars and traumas from earlier phases may block this creative flow. We may lack the creative power to manifest our dreams and deepest desires, we may feel that our creativity is dried out and exhausted. We may appear rigid, blocked, frozen in our personal expression. We may have a hard time establishing emotionally and sexually fulfilling relationships while being in conflict with our self – image.

Healing through the Sex Center will bring into manifestation a greater emotional stability and fulfillment through relationships as well as greater capacity for creative self – expression.


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