Omatrix Productions Omatrix utilizes a global, digital media network to promote entertainment and education.  We use info – technology streams to bring global awareness to products and services. Our productions and digital media stream is a cost – effective marketing technology with a reoccurring return of high yield in brand identity, building brand equity in the global marketplace.    

Our digital distribution marketing of productions is available globally, extending to a reach of over 5 million viewers.  We have combined this with a special partnership with Prime TV, available in Goa and broadcasting throughout India.  Our partnerships have also extended throughout Asia for maximum exposure. Every production offered through Omatrix is able to provide reoccurring value because of our marketing network.

About Our Productions

Babaji Maharaj has worked extensively as a consultant and guide to dozens of Hollywood celebrities.  He was first introduced to a billionaire entertainment mogul, becoming a consultant for a movie project.  He then became a consultant and special advisor to actors and actresses from popular TV shows such as The Walking Dead,  and Cold Case.  He also extended into his own production work in video and entertainment. Recently, he consulted with a Bollywood producer on a $20 million film, where he advised him on global marketing strategies.

Brooke Hart is entrepreneur, Internet Marketer and works with strtaegic development through the Omatrix.  She specializes in branding and marketing packages with all productions, allowing businesses to have both a creative spin and a market appeal to reach mass audiences.  She also has a background in music and productions as well as performance, giving a personal understanding of exactly how to organize creativity.

Sample Production

Current Production: Enlighten Your World

Super Yoga™Be a part of a visionary platform that is going global!  Enlighten Your World will be aired on Prime TV, out of Goa and broadcast to a national audience, including New Delhi, Kerala, Pune and Goa.  Airing began on April 1, 2015.

A second form of Enlighten Your World with extended lifestyle tips and appealing vignettes for living your best life will also be airing globally!  Enlighten Your World features inspirational stories to ways that you can live your best life through the secrets that are for the 21st century.  Our program sends messages of hope to the masses, creating the new trend and ride the transformational wave of TV programming.  Use our education and empowerment to help Enlighten Your World!

Read more about Enlighten Your World.

Current Production: The Super Yoga Show

American YogiJoin celebrity guru, Babaji Maharaj for a daily Super Yoga show!  This moves through a sequence of Yoga to start your day off with health, well – being and motivation.  Boost your energy levels, reach peak states and enjoy the guided meditations of Maharaj.  Each episode includes stress master incriments and meditational additions for a complete understanding of the depths of Yoga.  This show is currently playing on Prime TV in Goa, India, with a national audience of over 2 million viewers.  

super yogaThrough Maharaj’s work as a consultant to celebrities, businesses and corporations, he recognized the need to reduce stress and fatigue with a modern approach.  Super Yoga is a brand created by Maharaj, specifically to incorporate the 21st century lifestyle into exercises that are needed today.  Maharaj uses his knowledge as a Yogi with consulting work to allow one to reach higher states of both mind and body while creating a new and simple approach to health and wellness.  His impact with this method has led to coverage in places such as The London Yoga Magazine. 

Click here to read the full article.  


Current Production: Dream Your Journey™

Take an adventure like never before!  We show you real people and their real travel experiences.  This includes a reality show and vignettes that creates a massive word of mouth buzz about regions of the world.  We form a mega media blitz  campaign that cross markets TV production with a social media contest, Internet marketing, newspaper and magazines.

Dream Your Journey is formatted through contestants that are looking for the experience of a lifetime.  We match their dreams to the journey that best fits, allowing them to fulfill their desires.  We then work with contestants and sponsors to highlight the best of their trip while providing a showcase on the real life experiences of travel and adventure through romance, spirituality, adventure, family fun and the life long bucket list.  

Click here to learn how to be a Dream Your Journey sponsor!

Commercial & Multimedia Productions

tech 2Take your venue to a new marketing platform. Our commercial productions highlight the unique features of your business, hotel, medical center or venue. We work with a specialized team that understands what it takes to create a professional approach to the next level. We then develop a 3 minute, 5 minute or 10 minute commercial for distribution, either online or to the local channels of your choice. With our production team, you will easily be able to reach a new plateau in the recognition of your venue while finding a new outlet to highlight the unique features of your business, hotel, hospital or venue.


Winter Solstice GoaOmatrix Productions is busy working on the creation of festivals that are designed to inspire, motivate and enlighten.  They will be experiences like no other!  Filled with world music and dance, Yoga, meditation, rituals and a party atmosphere for all ages.  Includes activities and events that allows you to embrace one another and to be filled with a party that does more than just dance.

We offer three distinct festival packages for cities, countries and corporate sponsors.  Our festival packages are under review by the State of Hawaii to Goa, India, creating diverse opportunities to enjoy a great party with empowerment and enlightenment as the main theme.

This year, we have hosted the Sol Fest: A Transformation Celebration, held in December, 2014.  We filled the beaches of North Goa with Yoga, meditation, dance, sound healing and more!  A great celebration for the Winter Solstice, created specifically as a party that leads to enlightenment.  Join us next year for another filled event from the Omatrix Productions team!

We are also looking for sponsors who are interested in diving in!  If you would like to host a festival or event in your space, then please contact us today.


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