Dream Your Journey

dreamA unifying factor of all travelers is that they want experience. They are looking for the exotic, the romantic, the unknown and the experience of a lifetime. Travel is a dream come true, allowing travelers to, even if for a short time, live out a wish, fantasy, desire or discovery.

Now you can entice travelers by showing them how to fulfill their deepest dreams. Dream Your Journey is a new, marketing platform for those that want to relate the consumer experience to their location. It captures the fantasies of travelers who are looking for a new adventure and connects it directly to your venue. With this approach to advertising, you can maximize footfall and return of those who are looking for your venue.

We Capture Your Experience

dreamThe current marketing platform for travel is based on pricing competition, information and value of a place, often left by other visitors. Neutral opinions are often given through the top travel sites, specifically to show all of the options that visitors can get. For location based services or products, this becomes a disadvantage, causing competition to continue to outbid venues while aggressively reaching potential customers.  In a global market, where tourism is increasing, this causes aggressive marketing competition with too few results.

When emotions and psychological pulls are added into advertising, it changes the platform and increases popularity of what you offer. We use this as a central strategy, allowing you to gain a higher reputation while building brand equity through the strategic approach to advertising.

Dream Your Journey focuses on a contest that allows couples to win a free trip with you as the host. Their trip is video taped, specifically to show their journey. Before traveling, contestants are required to submit a 1 – 3 minute video of the type of journey they have been dreaming of. You chose your representative, sponsoring their trip. We grab the attention of viewers with a reality TV based set of activities that highlight the positive experiences of travelers. This will benefit you by:

– Placing a personalized touch on tourism
– Creating a testimonial type and word of mouth format for your venue
– Using emotional tugs that connect viewers to your venue
Developing a psychological relationship that shows your experience is different than your competitors
– Motivating others to travel to your location with their bucket list or deepest desires

This is designed to create a massive word of mouth return. As more contestants are able to participate with sponsors and captured campaigns, friends, family and those looking at the program overseas will be enticed to have a similar experience, allowing them to connect to sponsors for a Dream Your Journey experience.  


Sample Production With Testimonials


The Power of Mega Blitz Campaigns

marketingAdvertising on social media, review sites or through a website becomes segmented. An individual may see a generalized advertisement to promote what you offer. However, this quickly becomes lost to the crowd. When these arent tied together, they are easily lost in the massive amount of information being offered online. At Dream Your Journey, we use mega blitz campaigns that make your venue one that is unforgettable!

Our mega blitz campaigns are designed as a special technique that was formed from strategic development and consulting projects. These showed that businesses often missed the mark of integrated messages that were clear, consistent and repetitive. We use the Dream Your Journey basis to show why your venue is a fantasy come to life. Our mega blitz campaigns are designed to:

-Utilize Digital Streaming to Reach Over 5 Million Viewers
-Work with Our TV Partners Throughout Asia for Segmented Campaigns by Region
-Create Surges Through Social Media
-Develop Online Viral Responses
-Reach a Massive Crowd with Syndicated Feeds
-Entice a Direct Market with E-mails to Contestants, Showing You Ahead of the Competition
Develop Reoccuring Value With Reruns Through Digital Streaming or Our Media Partners
-Use Newspaper, Magazine and Online Articles to Emphasize Your Venue
-Work With Travel Info Technology in Digital Media to Target Potential Customers

The Mega Blitz Marketing campaign is designed to build brand equity by setting you apart from customers. Potential travelers will be interested in you being a part of Dream Your Journey, showing high quality and personalized approaches to your venue that helps you to remain ahead of others. You will be able to branch out from your competition, receive higher visibility and build brand equity to your name.

Through our marketing campaign, you will have cost effective and high end solutions that segment you from the competition and from potential visitors. With our Dream Your Journey solution, you will easily be able to maximize your brand name over an extended period of time.

Special Packages for Diverse Venues

packageWe offer different packages of Dream Your Journey to help you to accelerate your brand identity. Our main format comes through videography, specifically which develops into your mega blitz campaign.  Through our contestants, you will be able to work with a personal, brand ambassador that is a true representation of your chosen target market. 

We then work with you to create the dream of a lifetime, specifically based on a Reality TV based show. This allows you to accumulate viewers through digital media. This particular package gives you exposure through our mega blitz campaign with e-mail, social media, digital distribution and connections to our TV partners.

Want to start slow? We allow Dream Your Journey partners to have an advertising space on our site. Only 3 prime spaces are available on the front page, while others may be tied into social media, email and other campaigns as well as contestant spaces.

Work Differently! We are offering special packages to State and National tourism boards. Take your place with a mini – documentary series, which includes the same format of reality TV shows. We will work with you for a 1 month time frame to cover the highlights of your State or National tours, specifically so you can show the charm of your area while allowing you to accelerate growth in tourism. All documentaries will be placed on your website for further foot traffic and a clear representation of what you offer.

Why Not Consider Co-op Sponsorship?  Sometimes, it is not only about your venue, but about the activities surrounding the area. Take part in a co-op sponsorship, splitting the marketing blitz campaign and cost for a higher return. This will highlight each of the sponsors in one 30 minute episode, allowing viewers to see what makes your area and venue unique.

Pre-Launch Special!

Were pre-launching Dream Your Journey, to build a strong reputation and international projection. This offer ends on June 22, 2015. Take part in this offer and receive 50% off of our regular price. This special is limited to the first 10 venues that respond!

Pre – Launch Pricing:

$2,800 for production and mega blitz campaign. You will also receive 3 months of a free ad on our Dream Your Journey website!  

*For allocated marketing budgets, please ask us!  We will work with your budget for flexible payment plans of 3 – 6 months or will help you to structure a combined production with other partners.

$3,800 for production, a mega blitz campaign and an additional commercial for your venue. This will include a 5 – 10 minute edit that you can use forever, allowing you to further build your brand identity!

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