We have created a variety of health and wellness programs to assist with the 21st century lifestyle.  All programs have been developed with a focus on preventative medicine as a key to a healthy lifestyle.  They expand into the special needs of the modern century, specifically assisting with the stresses and needs of today.

Super Yoga™ 

super yoga logoBoost your lifestyle with a program that will change how you approach wellness.  If you have set goals to achieve greater health and wellness in your life, then Super Yoga™  offers the solution you need!  We offer a concrete approach to transform every area of your life for health and well – being so it lasts for a lifetime.  

Babaji Maharaj has taken the ancient knowledge and science of Yoga and transformed it into modern living.  Now you can quickly and easily experience all the benefits of Yoga while meeting today’s needs with a busy lifestyle.

With Super Yoga™ you will finally be able to achieve ultimate health and wellness!  Our program includes:

Foods for super health

– Super Yoga sequences to empower the body

– Implementation of Yoga sequences, specific to your body and daily needs

– Advice on lifestyle changes

– Approaches to offer a better and healthier way of life

super yogaIf you are ready to make significant changes to your lifestyle, then Super Yoga™ offers a step – by – step approach that will manifest your best life.  The combination of diet, exercise, lifestyle and suggestions for body, mind and spirit can help you to achieve a total sense of health and wellness.  

Super Yoga has offered rapid expansion into a global market, offering hundreds a new and transformative way to health and happiness.  The popularity of the program has led to coverage in The London Yoga Magazine, with specific steps that allow one to build their Yoga routine with the specialized format of Super Yoga.  Click here to read the full article.  

In response to this article, Editor in Chief, Yogi Malik, stated: “When practiced, [Super Yoga] helps you become more alive, more aware and more awakened.  And to highlight the benefits of this mystical Yoga style, Babaji provides a way to alleviate stress and build energy.”

Super Yoga is also offering a special, daily program on Prime TV in India!  Join us every morning on this Goa station for a fast and effective booster to your morning, combined with stress busters.  

Our program is inclusive of introductory and intensive programs.  

Corporate Health and Wellness

Join our revolutionary approach to corporate health and wellness.  Stop pirating your profits from your corporation because of stress.  Our corporate health and wellness program is inclusive of:

– Health and Wellness Routines

– Integration of Super Yoga™

– Synchromastery Techniques for Body – Mind Relationships

– Productivity Analysis and Strategies

– The Mahatama Consultation for Strategic Changes

If you are ready to increase productivity, decrease stress and to develop the corporate culture to the next level, then our program guides you.  Work with Babaji Maharaj and the Omatrix Consultant team tochange your corporate stress levels and culture today!

Learn more about Corporate Health and Wellness.

The Synchromastery Program

Your mind power allows you to live a better life.  However, many of our minds are overwhelmed with information and lifestyle overload.  We have developed a specific program that works on the health of your brain so you can work quickly, easily and effectively on any project while managing your work load with more ease.  When you master your mind, you begin to master your life.  Synchronize your options into a healthier, wealthier mindset for the future.  

Our program is inclusive of introductory and intensive programs

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