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corporate health and wellnessOmatrix Consultants have identified all problematic areas in the work and home environment.  Our research indicates that normal health and wellness measures applied at home and in the office to counter the stress epidemic are limited and would be likened to placing a band-aid on a dam which is breaking.  High stress levels are costing corporations up to $300 billion in lost revenue.  Our research indicates that the cost yearly could be as high as $1 – 2 trillion per year.  Abseentism, burn out rates, low performance and turn – over rates are some of the many ways in which corporations are suffering because of high stress levels in the work place.

Loss of revenue and the epidemic of stress are continuing to imbalance, despite the noted problem.  More than 67% of those working for corporations report some form of stress with as many as 43% reporting hypertension below the age of 40.

Read more about the dangers of stress and the outcomes with corporations with our free white paper.


Super Yoga™

Awaken the Super You

imageWe have designed the ultimate system to create a positive impact within the workplace.

In this program, individuals master stress levels and increase productivity in business at all levels. This has been created through over 30 years of experience. This scientific format exercises all areas of the body – mind for the required health and wellness of each individual.

Our programs are designed to:

– Reduce stress
– Balance the left – right brain
– Synchronize body – mind motor movement
– Integrate a strong sense of health and wellness
– Create mindfulness in work
– Develop stronger focus
– Eliminate illness

When working with the Omatrix Center, teams and individuals will have an introduction to Super Yoga™, diet and lifestyle choices that ultimately balance out their well – being in the workplace.  This is furthered with individual analysis of one’s stress levels and custom exercises and approaches to change their relationship to stress and work.

Experience Synchromastery

imageSynchromastery is the systematic approach which leads one to experience a rare state of the human, peak potential. Full integration of the left – right hemisphere of the brain and the mind power is offered through achieving an innovative relationship of the subconscious – superconscious – conscious mind and in relationship to the body, nervous system and the central channel flow of vital energy which is the solar battery for both the body and the brain. Under normal circumstances the power of synchromacity is rarely, if ever, achieve in the human life span.  Only highly specialized techniques can bring about this ultimate state of human achievement, potential and mastery.

Your Super Lifestyle Program

imageOur Super Lifestyle Plan consists of modifications and the creation of positive patterns that exist throughout one’s daily life.  We implement positive changes in your complete lifestyle by implementing the finest exercise and relaxation techniques to improve your health and introduces the highest quality food, which supports your body, helps it to maintain peak energy.  Your Super Lifestyle Plan consists of Super Yoga™ plus a Super Diet program which has been specifically designed to guide you to be at your peak level everyday.  This is a specialized training program designed to transform and improve every aspect of your life.

Individuals and corporations go through the Omatrix Lifestyle Analysis where we identify problematic areas and offer solutions which result in permanent and positive changes, add value, empower the individual, and create peak states of health, happiness, peace and prosperity.

Our initial program includes in – depth programs with your corporation or individuals.  An analysis, seminars and workshops are combined to change stress levels in your environment.  Our consultants and counselors then work with you personally and online through Skype sessions to monitor and guide you and to assure that you reach the highest level of performance, health, happiness and success.

We believe in you and that you may have a greater destiny than you can imagine.

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