Quantum Emerging Marketization

By Babaji Maharaj

Quantum technologyThe role of technology can be a great catalyst for emerging markets who are in transition from the old village paradigm into a new course of global economic empowerment.

Through a new technology infostructure, which is precisely designed for maximum big data organization and interactivity via local, national, global hub interlinks, a quantum effect arises beyond the current threshold, a socio – economic activation, which I call quantum emerging marketization. It is the realization and manifestation of the full productive potential of the global society.

That which we are hoping for in an economic sense with endless discussions only focused on the problem rarely provides the necessary solution.

The intelligent design of our cities and lifestyles begins and ends with big data. Even smaller countries or regions are overwhelmed with the task of organizing and managing their big data. While some software products for government, corporate, finance and retail exist, they are all fractionalized, which creates a big gap. This gap breaks the connectivity to the global community and has never properly been integrated into a global interlink network.

Hubezoo, the world’s first holographic search hub network lays the technology foundation for the future. Organizing all big data into niche divisions for government, banking, shopping, travel, health and food makes it easy for everybody to navigate with hyperspeed direct searches which take you to an exact destination within seconds.

Search times may be up to 100 times faster than the current search models. People, corporations and governments all save time and money which can be applied elsewhere for strategic gain. With the global interlink of a smart universal network, all big data and info data exchange and transfers would hyperspeed.

The global community, as a whole, would be able to mind map their searches at a faster rate and with a user friendly new technology format.  

The role of technology design can enhance more than our global economy.  It can contribute greatly to our quality of life quotient.  This adds value to every community, which functions by intelligent design.  

About Babaji Maharaj

Techno GuruBabaji is the founder of the Omatrix Center, Hubezoo Creator and is a visionary in empowerment, education and enlightenment to the globe. He offers consulting, guidance and insight into all walks of life, ranging from Smart City technologies to health and wellness in the workplace.

Maharaj is often referred to as the Techno Guru from his creation of Hubezoo G – Net and his divine mission to promote peace and prosperity through the power of technology. The Techno Guru formula, Creativity + Technology = Prosperity and Peace (C+T = Px2), is setting a new stage to how technology is implemented.

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