Sol Fest Goa: A Transformation Celebration

Sol Fest GoaNo matter where you are in Goa, you dont want to miss this celebration: Sol Fest: A Transformation Celebration.

Offered at the Love Temple in Arambol, the festival is one of the Omatrix Productions offered by Babaji Maharaj and Brooke Hart designed to empower, enlighten, energize and elevate.

What Is Sol Fest

Winter Solstice GoaThe Sol Fest is the celebration of the winter solstice, the day when light and darkness are equal in timing by the cosmos.  The solstice is a cosmic opportunity for all. The shadow of the self emerges with the rebirth of the light. Spiritual practices at this time can accelerate one at the speed of light. It is a peak time where the forces of light and darkness rebalance in us and in the universe.

The Program

December 21, 2014 8:00 PM

Love Temple

Rise Phoenix Shamanic Performance & Meditation

Rise PhoenixBegin the celebration with us on December 21st, 2014 at 8 PM with a special musical performance by Brooke Hart, Rise Phoenix.  The performance is designed to offer a sense of transformation and re-birth, transmitting a special shamanic power through fusion music.  This particular performance includes the rise of the phoenix as well as a special one hour meditation specifically for the solstice and to tune into the mystical powers of the phoenix.


December 22 – 23, 2014 Program
Winter Solstice GoaJoin Babaji Maharaj and Brooke Hart for a special festival designed to transform.  Some topics covered include:

Kundalini Yoga
Kriya Meditation
Chakra Energy Healing
Peace & Prosperity Rituals
Shakti & Shiva Healing Circle
Synchromastery Dance
Angel & Goddess Music

This particular program combines a variety of specialized teachings offered by Babaji Maharaj and the Omatrix.  Each offers advanced and powerful techniques designed to offer an individual a fast and powerful transformation towards enlightenment.  Program segments focus on the needs of each individual participating while expanding consciousness and opening one to greater awareness, greater healing and a positive spiral to their lives.

Of course, this program is Omatrix style.  Enjoy dance, music and a celebration combined with empowering teachings.

December 22, 2014 at 8 PM, an angel invocation through performance will be provided to the participants while welcoming all to the program.   December 23, 2014 at 8 PM ends the special celebration with BabaTronica where participants can enjoy and celebrate their new transformation.

Who Is Babaji

Babaji Maharaj Ascended MasterBabaji Maharaj currently lives in India after completing a cycle in America, where he was recognized as a renowned celebrity guru.

He is living master of the Golden Lineage of Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and Shiva.

Read more about Babaji Maharaj here.

How To Register

Come to Arambol!  The Love Temple is on Arambol Beach about 500 meters from the main road.  You cant miss it!

Participants have the option of registering for one day or both days.  Concerts are also open to the public and sold separately.


5,000 Rs. for 1 Day

8,000 Rs. for 2 Days

500 Rs. for Concert + Meditation

300 Rs. for Concert Only

Weve made our pricing structure so the opportunity is available to everyone while offering a once in a lifetime experience!

Want To Know More


We Cant Wait To See You There!

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