Educate and empower your higher self through our meditation, transformation and awakening products.  Our products are designed to assist you in all areas of your life with growth of your spirit into your highest destiny.  Stay tuned for more music, e-books, information products, meditation and empowerment packages to assist you with your spiritual journey.





spiritual productsGain insight and wisdom through our MP3s, e-books, audio and meditation products.  Stay tuned as we continue to offer you a wide variety of options to help with your transformation and growth.  Whether you want to find ways to relieve stress or want to tap into awakening and transformation, there is a product that we are creating for you!

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Super Yoga™

super yoga logoThe Super Yoga™ logo was envisioned by Babaji Maharaj and a creative team of three artists. The lotus symbolizes the purity of being, fullfillment and expanding wisdom. The star invokes good fortune, hope and divine guidance to one’s destiny. The sun radiates blessings of a happy life, vitality and longevity. It has mystic powers. If this logo is placed in your home or business, it will create an awesome flow of positive energy to yourself and others. If you wear this logo you will radiate and activate the highest human potential.

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