Synchronicity: Facebook + Google = Hubezoo

Hubezoo G-NetThe global community is always fascinated by the gravity of innovation.  The combined mass appeal of social media with a search engine in a new technology info-structure is what may be the next giant unicorn.

Hubezoo is a global search hub and smart social network.  Omatrix, the parent holding company, is setting a global launch for Hubezoo.  With a hyperspeed search that is 100 times faster, Hubezoo is a search hub network that organizes all big data into niche divisions.  It then becomes large portals that interlink local hubs to national hubs.

Hubezoo first year projected valuation of $2 billion will likely quadruple in 6 months – 1 year to $8 billion.

Hubezoo redefines social media into separate categories, such as business, government, personal and commerce.  If you are a social media addict, Hubezoo will be your wonder drug.  If you all you want is information without annoying ads and promotions, then the Hubezoo true information network is for you.  

Separate social media functions for government (Govezoo), banking, (Bankezoo), health (Healthezoo), sports (Sportezoo), and fashion (Glamezoo), and even millenials have their very own portal with Millenizoo.  

Commercial and social media can interlink local – national hubs across all categories.  Consumers will love navigating through the Hubezoo network with so many empowering options.  

Hubezoo sets strict privacy control policy for both consumers and government.  Consumers privacy with social media is protected and monitored only by Hubezoo cyber land security.  Governments secure their own big data in relationship to government offices, personnel and banking institutions which always require heightened security measures.

Hubezoo new technology infostructure introduces an organizational network platform for the hub economy known as Hubedo.  This can create thousands and millions of gig and business opportunities every day.  Through smart organization your service and / or product can be marketed online.  

Look at the Uber success story.  One service which exploded globally.  Would if you take all services and expand them out globally?  This is the Hubedo way to economic acceleration. Hubedo connects everybody with myriads of opportunities to make money and do business on the Internet.

In the near future many services may be moving to remote positioning and can be better organized and attractive to corporate and consumers alike within the Hubedo network.

Hubezoo is expected to morph the Internet landscape with it’s strategy of innovation.  Projected 5 year figures show a potential of $38 billion.  It is expected to add $1 trillion global revenue per year.  Local hubs offer investors, entrepreneurs, government officials and community members a technology solution for economic acceleration.  The Hubezoo launch is now taking place in Asia and will progress regionally through Europe, U.S. and into G-20 countries and emerging markets with the world’s first global network will be in place within 2 years.  

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