Hubezoo Sets Global Launch For New G-Net In 2016

The Hubezoo G – Net, the world’s first smart global technology network, is expected to morph the landscape of the Internet in 2016. The design creates a new infostructure for the Internet by organizing and interlinking information through central, local, national and global hubs into a powerful, innovative and advancedfeatured Continue reading

Sol Fest Goa: A Transformation Celebration

No matter where you are in Goa, you dont want to miss this celebration: Sol Fest: A Transformation Celebration. Offered at the Love Temple in Arambol, the festival is one of the Omatrix Productions offered by Babaji Maharaj and Brooke Hart designed to empower, enlighten, energize and elevate. What Isfeatured Continue reading

Super Yoga for Synchromastery

Synchromastery is a powerful format that synchs up the body – mind relationship.  In this Super Yoga sequence, Babaji Maharaj shows a fast and effective step – by – step move that helps you to gain peak energy, re-focus and to eliminate stress.  The approach used aligns your neurochemistry forfeatured Continue reading

The Phenomena of Super Yoga™

The Yoga system has been associated with the Indian system of thought and religion. However, in the 21st century, it stands alone with positions and practices often separated from it’s root philosophy. This has created some controversy among the rigid, old style paths. Most agree that the modern approach tofeatured Continue reading