The Valuation of Innovation

The valuation of innovation in the global society is a fine art unto itself.  The technological wonders of the past, present and future will always be simultaneously met with amazement and resistance. The greatest social and economic global impact occurs when innovation and infrastructure collide into positive disruption and manifestation.featured Continue reading

Synchronicity: Facebook + Google = Hubezoo

The global community is always fascinated by the gravity of innovation.  The combined mass appeal of social media with a search engine in a new technology info-structure is what may be the next giant unicorn. Hubezoo is a global search hub and smart social network.  Omatrix, the parent holding company,featured Continue reading

Hubezoo G-Net To Create Internet Revolution

By Babaji Maharaj Hubezoo G-Net, the holographic search hub network, will morph the Internet landscape. It includes 1 billion gig economy opportunities and $1 trillion in global yearly revenue. The exciting thing about new innovation is that it replaces the old and antiquated technology. The evolution of technology is afeatured Continue reading

Big Data Bang: Hubezoo Rocks the Internet World in 2016

The Big Bang you heard of is more than fireworks.  The Hubezoo software prototype creates a paradigm shift in technology infostructure. Our current Internet platform and mobile apps are outdated and misconstrued.  Hubezoo, the first smart design technology infostructure, reorganises big data into a new Internet media platform.   Thefeatured Continue reading

The Hubezoo GTN Global Launch 2016

It is both an honor and a privilege to offer the global community the most advanced technology network, which upgrades the internet from it’s basic, outdated, linear framework. Fragmentation and gadgets can only lead us to the “novelty of instability.” With absolute dedication, borne from the realization that the globalfeatured Continue reading