Synchronicity: Facebook + Google = Hubezoo

The global community is always fascinated by the gravity of innovation.  The combined mass appeal of social media with a search engine in a new technology info-structure is what may be the next giant unicorn. Hubezoo is a global search hub and smart social network.  Omatrix, the parent holding company,featured Continue reading

QE or QT: Which Is the Solution?

Our future destiny and survival will greatly depend on quantum technology.   Investments in QT (quantum technology), are more likely to boost the global economy, rather than QE (quantitative easing) programs, which has wasted trillions of dollars.   The global economy is completely co-dependent upon technology.  The dynamic duo hasfeatured Continue reading

The World’s First Smart Global Internet Infostructure: The Hubezoo G-Net

The smart creation of technology with quantum applications that address every social and economic factor can produce immediate global impact. A new technology foundation which promotes the true information automation and organisation of the world’s big data is understood to be of paramount importance. All governments must now protect andfeatured Continue reading

Quantum Technology for the Global Economy

Omatrix opens negotiations with G-20 countries to implement the Hubezoo G-Net, a new technology infostructure and the world’s first smart global central hub network. The current digital dilemma offers no actual big data network which can manage and preview web listings in a fair and equitable way that promotes thefeatured Continue reading

Hubezoo Sets Global Launch For New G-Net In 2016

The Hubezoo G – Net, the world’s first smart global technology network, is expected to morph the landscape of the Internet in 2016. The design creates a new infostructure for the Internet by organizing and interlinking information through central, local, national and global hubs into a powerful, innovative and advancedfeatured Continue reading