AI-IA: Artificial Intelligence for Interactive Analytics

Hubezoo, the new internetwork being introduced to G-20 countries, features a new search hub – social media platform which organizes the world’s big data. It offers a quantum technology platform which utilizes artificial intelligence for interactive analytics (AI-IA). A new user friendly global interlink of all information, products and services is fullyfeatured Continue reading

The Valuation of Innovation

The valuation of innovation in the global society is a fine art unto itself.  The technological wonders of the past, present and future will always be simultaneously met with amazement and resistance. The greatest social and economic global impact occurs when innovation and infrastructure collide into positive disruption and manifestation.featured Continue reading

Hubezoo Introduces New Innovation For G-20 Economic Acceleration

The great leaders of tomorrow collectively understand that technology plays a valuable role in the global society.  The current digital dilemma of an Internet without proper technology info-structure is literally causing losses of 100s of billions of dollars on a yearly basis, according to a white paper by Omatrix Consultant,featured Continue reading

The Hub Economy: Where Everybody Wins

I’m interested in a system where everybody wins. When personal creativity is increased by opportunity, it allows entrepreneurs and businesses to reach levels of success. Of course, this would take a new organizational system and strategic methodology to boost the economic return at both a micro and macro level. Infeatured Continue reading

Believers Are Receivers Of Their Destiny

The algorithm of prosperity can be coded into the local and global community with a smart design. Everybody can win. People can protect their privacy and governments and corporations can protect their sovereign domains of power. Simultaneous synchronicity is now possible with the Hubezoo G – Net. For this tofeatured Continue reading

Big Data Bang: Hubezoo Rocks the Internet World in 2016

The Big Bang you heard of is more than fireworks.  The Hubezoo software prototype creates a paradigm shift in technology infostructure. Our current Internet platform and mobile apps are outdated and misconstrued.  Hubezoo, the first smart design technology infostructure, reorganises big data into a new Internet media platform.   Thefeatured Continue reading

Babaji Maharaj, Hubezoo Creator, Announces Big Data Initiative with Digital India

Hubezoo The Omatrix Center has officially launched a big data initiative for Digital India. The initiative is inclusive of implementing Hubezoo in all Indian states for greater organization and use of technology. Hubezoo holds a design created by twenty two niche hubs, each which has the capacity of greater developmentalfeatured Continue reading