The Valuation of Innovation

The valuation of innovation in the global society is a fine art unto itself.  The technological wonders of the past, present and future will always be simultaneously met with amazement and resistance. The greatest social and economic global impact occurs when innovation and infrastructure collide into positive disruption and manifestation.featured Continue reading

Synchronicity: Facebook + Google = Hubezoo

The global community is always fascinated by the gravity of innovation.  The combined mass appeal of social media with a search engine in a new technology info-structure is what may be the next giant unicorn. Hubezoo is a global search hub and smart social network.  Omatrix, the parent holding company,featured Continue reading

How To Value The Unicorn Self

Dealing with the wonderful world of valuation, whether property or business, and certainly technology, relies on interesting variables. First, how does one judge their own self worth? Ask yourself right now, how much am I worth? To yourself, based on what your contribution is to the global society. Is thisfeatured Continue reading