How To Value The Unicorn Self

Dealing with the wonderful world of valuation, whether property or business, and certainly technology, relies on interesting variables. First, how does one judge their own self worth? Ask yourself right now, how much am I worth? To yourself, based on what your contribution is to the global society. Is thisfeatured Continue reading

Hubezoo Sets Global Launch For New G-Net In 2016

The Hubezoo G – Net, the world’s first smart global technology network, is expected to morph the landscape of the Internet in 2016. The design creates a new infostructure for the Internet by organizing and interlinking information through central, local, national and global hubs into a powerful, innovative and advancedfeatured Continue reading

Big Data Bang: Hubezoo Rocks the Internet World in 2016

The Big Bang you heard of is more than fireworks.  The Hubezoo software prototype creates a paradigm shift in technology infostructure. Our current Internet platform and mobile apps are outdated and misconstrued.  Hubezoo, the first smart design technology infostructure, reorganises big data into a new Internet media platform.   Thefeatured Continue reading

Techno Guru: The Divine Mission

Our relational interface  with technology is of paramount importance in the new, modern society.  Great expectations and hopes are pegged to new innovations that can improve our lives in ways we cannot imagine.   Governments should address and update technology infostructure as this will save billions of dollars and createfeatured Continue reading

On the Threshold of the Future

One has to look beyond the calamity and chaos which exists to discover both sanity and a sustainable solution for the global community. Currently, countries place more and more rules and regulations upon it’s global citizens to enforce control, laws and order. To some degree, this is quite necessary tofeatured Continue reading