How To Value The Unicorn Self

Dealing with the wonderful world of valuation, whether property or business, and certainly technology, relies on interesting variables. First, how does one judge their own self worth? Ask yourself right now, how much am I worth? To yourself, based on what your contribution is to the global society. Is thisfeatured Continue reading

Quantum Emerging Marketization

By Babaji Maharaj The role of technology can be a great catalyst for emerging markets who are in transition from the old village paradigm into a new course of global economic empowerment. Through a new technology infostructure, which is precisely designed for maximum big data organization and interactivity via local,featured Continue reading

Hubezoo G-Net To Create Internet Revolution

By Babaji Maharaj Hubezoo G-Net, the holographic search hub network, will morph the Internet landscape. It includes 1 billion gig economy opportunities and $1 trillion in global yearly revenue. The exciting thing about new innovation is that it replaces the old and antiquated technology. The evolution of technology is afeatured Continue reading

QE or QT: Which Is the Solution?

Our future destiny and survival will greatly depend on quantum technology.   Investments in QT (quantum technology), are more likely to boost the global economy, rather than QE (quantitative easing) programs, which has wasted trillions of dollars.   The global economy is completely co-dependent upon technology.  The dynamic duo hasfeatured Continue reading

Can Quantum Technology Save the Global Economy?

Personally speaking, I am saddened at the plight of so many members of the global community who are suffering with too little opportunity to live a quality existence.  Our existence is our birth right, but it may not always direct us to fortunate circumstances.  We can; however, empower ourselves withfeatured Continue reading

The World’s First Smart Global Internet Infostructure: The Hubezoo G-Net

The smart creation of technology with quantum applications that address every social and economic factor can produce immediate global impact. A new technology foundation which promotes the true information automation and organisation of the world’s big data is understood to be of paramount importance. All governments must now protect andfeatured Continue reading

Quantum Technology for the Global Economy

Omatrix opens negotiations with G-20 countries to implement the Hubezoo G-Net, a new technology infostructure and the world’s first smart global central hub network. The current digital dilemma offers no actual big data network which can manage and preview web listings in a fair and equitable way that promotes thefeatured Continue reading