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While 81% of users are known to use the Internet for banking, the majority only check transactions online.  Applications for more banking needs are not met, either because of inconvenience or a lack of trust.

Bankezoo offers user friendly, consumer based applications to extend the range of motion for online banking.  It creates flexibility with the way that consumers can interact with the banking that they desire.

Bankezoo works through a central, mindmap hub, allowing consumers to compare banking options while finding unique packages that are needed.  Banks are able to highlight their services while offering promotions and packages through the bank.

Bankezoo Mindmap




Software given to banks offers a new, friendly format that interlinks with the Bankezoo.  This offers a safe, secure and trusting formula for consumers to bank more online.  Personalization includes 24 hour customer service and the ability to act as meditors to banks in case of issues or problems.  

The cutting edge technology of Bankezoo will extend to ABMs, updating the formulas for transactions by 2018.  Currency exchange, more deposit transactions and an interlink to the online format will create growing flexibility with the banking required.

Bankezoo also interlinks to other hubs used, including Helpezoo, Govezoo and Shopezoo, making transactions more extensive while focusing on banking relations and corporate responsibility.

Bankezoo is one of the central hubs of the Hubezoo, offering fast and user – friendly options for consumers to immediately find information when they want to.

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Executive Summary


Bankezoo is currently looking for major and minor investors to join the network. If you are interested, see what opportunities are currently available.

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