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Hubezoo internetwork


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1.0 Executive Summary

Hubezoo is the world’s first smart, global search hub network. Our advanced breakthrough technology creates a dynamic social and global impact on the future economy of the globalopolis. A smart network of local and national hubs interlink and organize all big data of the world into one global inclusion search hub foundation. Hubezoo has 22 hubs and mobile apps, which cover the main walks of life, interlinking all local and national hubs to the global central Hubezoo network.

Hubezoo Is Quantum Technology For the Global Economy.

The Hubezoo creates a smart global technology infostructure, linking all data from the physical world and cyber world into a techno global network. Our hub portals are designed to organize all information into one, great internetwork, which serves, protects, and creates maximum local – global interlinks. Hubezoo offers:

* The first smart technology infostructure for global economic acceleration

* 1 billion job opportunities and $1 trillion in revenue per year

* Technology social, commerce and information platforms for governments to organize, monitor, protect and capitalise on their big data

* Search hub internetworks which reconfigures and organizes all big data into niche portals via local – national – global interlink hub network platforms

* Hyperspeed searches, up to 100xs faster

* Quantum information processing systems for an effective technology infostructure

*Big data is transferred via interactive analytics, which hyperspeeds connectivity and direct search

*A social search network, which divides social – commerce – information interlinking systems

* Software development for businesses and institutions that integrates and updates in real time into the Hubezoo

* Mobile Apps for consistent and accurate big data information

* Hubezoo Hardware, including physical automated machines which run on Hubezoo software for governments (AGM), shopping malls (ASM) and banks (ABM)

The smart creation of technology with quantum applications that address every social and economic factor can produce immediate global impact. A new technology foundation which promotes the true information automation and organization of the world’s big data is of paramount importance.

Hubezoo: Quantum Technology for G-20 Countries And Emerging Markets

Hubezoo is the global central hub which specializes in smart, big data, organizing 22 niche search hub categories that interlinks locally, nationally and globally. It offers simultaneous infodata streams that cross index location and category by consolidating global data into a hyperspeed global central hub.

Hubezoo internetwork

Our niche market Search Hubs organize information into social, information and commerce based searches, combined with niche categories. This follows the natural, mind mapping process for user-friendly searches. Our new innovation utilizes a mindmap code where technology adapts to humanology. Due to it’s smart, organizational infostructure, consumers are directed at hyperspeed to exact information and destination.

Our datamine systems integrate communities into a framework, allowing information to be available with convenience and clarity. Users rapidly access information through this template layout, offering a natural approach to finding and processing info data by category, locality and information desired.

The Power of Global Central Hubs & Big Data

The global search hubs organize big data online and offline simultaneously. It includes a template series designed to organize and data mine all relevant information for the consumer on a social, business, government and global level.

There are primary hubs that are pertinent to the growth and functioning of the Hubezoo. The first is the e-commerce section, including the Shopezoo, the largest online – offline shopping mall in the world, Glamezoo, (largest fashion site) Globezoo (largest travel site), Healthezoo (largest health site), Entezoo (largest entertainment site), Sportezoo (largest sport site), Foodezoo, (largest food site), Helpezoo (largest site to help humanity).

Other primary hubs include the Bankezoo (the global hub for all banks and financial institutions) and Govezoo, (the global hub for all government agencies and activities), which offers a smart search engine template that sets the standard for bank and government institutions. Organized information and software systems are used to mainstream real time information for user friendly and trustworthy data.

The Hubezoo global network targets all members of family and the global society. The Kidezoo is the Internet for Children. Children will receive updates every year during their birthday. At 13, this changes to Teenezoo, offering information pertinent to this age group. Millenizoo, including products and information for millenials is another target market hub. Familezoo is for families, integrating cultural values through the Internet. Together, these will yield maximum results while creating generational use of the Internet users while developing the framework for the Hubezoo as a staple in educational and practical technology.

Information is transferred from big data into a search hub network, connecting social, commerce and information. Double hub ways (hubba dubba), is used to create interactive searches which interlink forms of information. Users are able to process information through a social network and information based platform, making searches interactive and dynamic.

Global Infotech Data Centers (G.I.D.C)

A smart city is one which creates an interlink network and interrelationship between the physical and cyber realms, which are simultaneously organised and harmonious. Each template works with a Global Interlink System (GIS) to create an interface between the physical and cyber realms. Big data is transferred via interactive analytics, which hyperspeeds connectivity and direct search 100xs faster. Millions of billions of calculations per second reconfigure all big data by category and location through a quantum processor.


Utilizing the power of technology, business, social community and government in collaboration to create a local and international phenomena. When business, social components, government and information are interlinked, it creates greater organization and info data speed flow which instantaneously increases economic return. The Hubezoo global network highlights corporate social responsibility, community cooperation and collaboration at all levels.

The Local to Global Interlink

Local Network Interlink

Quantum Technology for G-20 Country Economies and Emerging Markets

The launch of the first internetwork into the global community will be offered to G-20 countries and emerging markets for rapid global, economic expansion through technology.

Within the first year of it’s launch, Hubezoo will extend to over 20 countries for utilisation of the first technology infostructure. The countries GDP, investment culture, Internet penetration rates, consumption rates of technology and technological implications measure the capacity of introducing the Hubezoo into the country. The countries of U.S.A, Canada, Brazil, Germany, France, UK, Israel, Russia, UAE, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, China, Argentina, Australia and all other G-20 countries will be able to implement the technology first. They will become the technology leaders of the Hubezoo, creating central stations for the network structure.

Phase 1 Hubezoo Implementation

The G-20 countries will offer a central network region which will expand into other countries by proximity. Within the first year, 30 countries will be invited into the internetwork. This will expand through 2020, including over 300 countries who will be offered the quantum technology for economy.



The strategic placement of Hubezoo by country and region will be designed with zones, specifically to offer security, net neutrality and maintenance of big data by region. Three global infotech data centers G.I.D.C. will first be created with stations in Singapore, Germany and the U.S. The zones will be combined with branches that extend into other countries and regions. The branch locations will be available by investment interest and in central cities in each region that can implement the Hubezoo. Branch locations are designed to support security measures and management of Infodata. They are also responsible for the expansion, marketing and maintenance of the Hubezoo local network structures.

Market Opportunities

The current Internet structure is antiquated, creating mis-leading results and mis-information to those using search engines and social networks. A proper Internet infostructure is not readily available to consumers to guide them to direct information, products and services. The Hubezoo creates an alternative structure from search engines and social networking that offers clearer and more defined results. Hubezoo offers a solution to the 99.9% of the Internet population that finds Internet searches and social networks ineffective.

Market opportunities expand to the larger society, creating a global phenomena of the structure. A macro market opportunity is offered, including smart cities, G-20 countries, governments and institutions that are interested in a global, economic solutions through technology.

Each hub has been designed to offer products and services with an interlinking system by target market. The largest consumer based purchases are the central hubs, such as shopping, glamour, food and travel. By creating niche hubs, consumers have the capacity of navigating directly to a solution for purchase. Businesses also have opportunities to connect with consumers, providing expansive income streams. Entrpreneurs, MBEs, corporations and e-commerce will have segmented areas in which they can offer commerce, developing an organized and expansive opportunity for sales.

Quantum technology has the capacity of high impact acceleration to the global economy. For G-20 countries, a full brand spectrum will be available and utilized through the power of the Hubezoo. All G-20 countries will have the capacity to receive specific measurements regarding their global brand identity through technology while increasing their personal value and implementing a stronger market to the global marketplace.

Marketing Products

Hubezoo revenue streams

Each niche central hub contains an average of 8 income streams through the Hubzoo design. Our strategic approach builds profitability through optimizing income stream sources, creating the first technoconomy. The online economy allows all transactions to integrate online, while offering a physical interlink to maximize return and profits with the Hubezoo.

1. Global Hub Economy. Expected Revenue of $8 billion by year 5. An expanded gig economy that allows contractors and entrepreneurs to form relationships and online contracts. Interlinks with the social network to boost those looking for physical services.

2. Hubedo. Expected Revenue of $9 billion by year 5. Temporary to permanent teams, co-ops and partnerships will be created for project hire and partnerships.

3. E-commerce Transactions. Expected revenue of $15 billion by year 5. Online and offline purchases for commerce equal to 1% in advertising fees for the hub.

4. Sponsored Specials. Expected revenue of $500 million per year. Includes a coupon sorter and Blue Thursday, a coupon featured special day.

5. Subscriptions. Expected revenue of $1 billion by year 5. Offered for upgrades to SBEs, MBEs and corporations to highlight and advertise their business and to receive benefits of the hub they are in.

6. Corporate Endorsements. Expected revenue of $2.385 billion by year 5. Mascots will offer endorsements by hub to large corporations, advertising their products and services during prime time Internet connections through animated movement.

7. Custom Government Hubs. Expected revenue of $550 million by year 5. For governments to control information and data flow, custom hubs are available by locality. Local hub implementation is $5,000 per hub, with an expectation of 100,000 localities to have custom e-governance by year 5. Also includes training and development initiatives.

8. Hub-e-rama. – Physical – Online Sales Promotions. Expected revenue of $2.6 billion by year 5. Each hub will have featured physical specials for malls and large corporations to increase sales, with an expectation that it will increase revenue to sites by 25% for one weekend as exclusive specials.

9. Multimedia. Expected revenue of $1.6 billion by year 5. Includes 8 minute specials from the Omatrix Productions as well as videographers having the opportunity to offer .99 downloads of their films based on package deals.

10. Delivery and Rural to City Connections. Expected revenue of $100 million by year 5.

Allows customers to expect delivery by stores for 1% fee or have hub delivery for 2.5% fee. Also includes distribution from rural locations to cities for a 2.5% fee per sale.

11. Info data Website Partnerships. Expected revenue of $5.4 billion by year 5. All information based sites, such as e-how, WebMD, etc will be able to join a partnership with Hubezoo to advertise their information. Works as a pay per click back to their website.

12. Infinity Hardware. Expected revenue of $4.908 billion by year 10. After year 3, Hubezoo software will be made into special hub phones, computers, package phones by niche market and AGMS, beginning with 6 holographic, eco friendly designs.

Total Revenue: $38.25 billion by year 5

Financial Feasibility

Pre-valuation has been determined by the following factors:

* Innovation. When offering innovation to a community, it immediately stimulates the economy and socio – cultural status of the region. Our structure stimulates economic and social status of each country which initiates the Hubezoo. It is expected to increase the macroeconomy by 4 – 8% in every region of implementation. Our innovation is a great contribution to the global community as we lay the first Internet foundation of the future, which organises all big data of the world into a functional quantum system.

* Technology Infostructure and Architecture. The use of quantum information processing algorithms, big data, mind mapping processing systems and interlinking network systems offer a new infostructure to the Internet. This currently does not exist within the community and maximizes both potential and valuation through it’s development.

* Market Brand Value and Feasibility. An in – depth feasibility report and market analysis shows the power of Hubezoo, a brand that is currently unmatched in a trillion dollar industry with the potential to reach over 3.5 billion Internet users.

* Year 5 Valuation is at $38 billion. Every local – national introduction of Hubezoo immediately creates return and revenue within the community. With only the introduction of the Hubezoo into communities, is an expected return of $38 billion, including 8 streams of revenue to maximize potential.

* Competitor Relations. Competitors offer revenue that is over $5 – 100 billion in revenue. With the introduction of innovation that surpasses competitors, is maximum valuation of the company.

Hubezoo increases economic acceleration and sustainability with a projected 8% increase. Phase 1 implementation cities will experience an epic valuation spiral in the next 5 years.

Total Costs and Revenue

A total of $28.5 million is required for the core team implementation, design code completion of Hubezoo as well as initiating global launch marketing by locality and within G-20 countries. This would be finalized over a period of 6 – 12 months. After this period, investments require $2 million – $8 million for the penetration of the Hubezoo by local technology networks.

The revenue expected for Hubezoo equates to over $38.25 billion by year 5. It is estimated that the Hubezoo will grow by 15% per quarter, determined by the fast penetration rate into cities and countries. Each city and country would offer a 1% increase. By year 2, Hubezoo would enter a break even point with over $2 billion in revenue, which would then increase substantially by quarter until Year 5.

With high multiple revenue sources, Hubezoo introduces a new global, holographic Internet infostructure, which a light year ahead of the current, linear model. Our innovative technology with it’s multiple revenue sources, creates a high probability of success which is calculated at 98%.

The R.O.I. Guaranteed return by year 5 is 10 – 16% increase for first round investors. The share buy back option minimises risk with generous ROI Hubezoo guarantee. A low debt ratio, high profitability company policy will maximize return for all investors. There is an IPO exit at 5 years, which will likely create an upward valuation spiral.

Why The World Needs the Hubezoo

A new, innovative technology internetwork, which manages all the big data of the world into a central hub network is urgently needed to serve and protect our global society and economy. The Hubezoo has been designed for G-20 and emerging countries as a quantum technology for the global economy. With multiple streams of income, Hubezoo offers exponential valuation. Even one income stream could yield a maximum return.

Hubezoo is designed to create maximum global socio – economic impact through the smart organization of big data into the local – national – global hub network. Hubezoo highlights community awareness through it’s unique social hub platform that categories mainstream lifestyle divisions. The global community can both discover and align to products services and initiatives through our hub portals.

We morph the globalnomic landscape of the Internet at hyperspeed. If you organize infodata streams in a smart, global, central hub, then you hyperspeed the infodata currency flow ratio. When the info cash flow ratio hyperspeeds on a continuum, it creates a never ending quantum effect of sustainability.

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