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Globezoo taps the $7.5 trillion travel market by creating a simple to use interface for consumers.  Currently, only $122 billion make travel plans online, showing a gap in the amount of trust and personal interaction through online travel.  

Globezoo uses trust as the primary focus of the hub.  It offers 24 hour support services for all customers.  It integrates a travel club and gold seal approval of all travel sites, leading to secure transactions that are known for top services. 

Globezoo is formulated through a mind map process, allowing consumers to be directed to the exact information they want.  Price and product comparisons are available by locality and category.  The Globezoo mind map looks as follows:

Globezoo Mindmap


Software given to travel agencies and physical locations integrate into the hub, making it easy to connect online.  Automated updates through inventory and specials are offered, allowing users to continuously see both physical and cyber world opportunities.

Globezoo integrates with other Hubezoo hubs, such as Helpezoo, Bankezoo, Govezoo and Shopezoo.  This makes it easier for users to move to exact information at a faster speed.

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Executive Summary

Globezoo is currently looking for major and minor investors to join the network. If you are interested, see what opportunities are currently available.

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