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With $7.6 billion being sold in health products each year, only $281 million is from e-commerce.  This shows a gap in the transactions made for health from consumers.

Healthezoo builds trust through a physical – cyber world interlink with all health products and services.  Consumers receive direct information through easy – to – use mindmapping that interlinks category and location.  Comparisons of products, prices and services are available for consumer power with various health products.

Health providers are offered software systems that integrate information with real time updates available through the hub.  This allows them to have more efficiency with required information.  It also provides health service and product providers with highlights with their special products and services.

Segmented information allows customers to find what they want quickly and easily.  Real time updates and comparisons helps consumers to build trust and make wiser decisions for their health.  Integrated software systems allow health providers to find more ways to reach clients that are looking for their services.

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Healthezoo integrates with Hubezoo, a central hub that datamines information by category and locality.  Health products and services will intertwine with other hubs, such as sportezoo, helpezoo and shopezoo.  


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Executive Summary

Healthezoo is currently looking for major and minor investors to join the network. If you are interested, see what opportunities are currently available.

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