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NGOs, activists and philanthropists around the world are focused on offering help.  However, technical applications are often missing from the formula of reaching those in need at the right time.  When a natural disaster occurs, it sometimes takes days before help is received.  When there are problems within a community, many don’t hear about the problem until it is too late.

Helpezoo speeds the interface between those needing help and those that can provide assistance.  It creates an interlink between physical – cyber worlds for congruent information needed at a moment’s notice.  A central hub is used to create specific and direct information that others can go to for assistance.

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Helpezoo works by interlinking physical and cyber worlds for better interactivity, speeding up the help given and received.  It offers:

* Connections to community oriented help for individuals in need

* Creates faster interactions to disasters and emergencies at a global level

* Global initiatives are offered with leaders making a change to offer consolidated solutions

* Think tanks look at the larger problems while bringing empowerment to communities around the world

* Real time updates are integrated through Helpezoo software, showing the worldwide impact and accountability happening through all NGOs, activists and philanthropists

Helpezoo interlinks with other hubs in the Hubezoo, creating an interlink to corporate responsibility, government and even art initiatives.

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Executive Summary

Helpezoo is currently looking for major and minor investors to join the network. If you are interested, see what opportunities are currently available.

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