Hubezoo Team



Founder, Chairman and Interim CEO: Babaji Maharaj

Techno GuruBabaji Maharaj, founder, chairman and interim CEO for Hubezoo, has worked as a consultant for over 30 years. He has specialized in mentoring and guiding top celebrities, producers and directors in the Hollywood circle, as well as U.S. military, State governments, global corporations and three top universities. He is also founder and director of the Omatrix Center.

He was the startup manager and consultant for Akal Group, which now does over $1 billion in contracts yearly in the Homeland and Cyber Security Division. He has been consultant to the largest hospital in the United States, Lovelace Medical Center, and has offered innovative programs and lectured at three major universities. He was also corporate and governmental consultant in Bangalore and Goa, India in 2014. He has been instrumental in impacting thousands of people and improving their quality of life, health and wealth. He has been a consultant to several million dollar organizations and some of which have broken the billion dollar threshold and which continue to prosper in their industry.

Co-Founder, Senior Vice President, Interim CMO: Brooke Hart

Brooke HartBrooke Hart, co-founder of Hubezoo, specializes in business development, Internet technologies, marketing strategy, research and development. Omatrix Center created a partnership with On Target in Maui, Hawaii in 2013. In their first year, the Omatrix was heralded as one of the most promising new companies by the Hawaii Business Association. She has launched hundreds of businesses from around the globe through her own business, formulated over 10 years ago, On Target, which she specialized in entrepreneurial development, strategic branding, brand equity and Internet Marketing. She has worked with local and global companies to strengthen brands and business development strategies. Brooke is also currently the CEO and founder of Angel Guard Enterprises, a social impact project that utilizes fashion – tech for empowerment and protection. She is a trained classical musician and composer of the CD, “Whispers of Light.” Her first job was at an Alligator Farm.

Hubezoo CTOs


U.S. CTO: Jeff Davis

Considered a pioneer in the world of innovation and technology, Jeff Davis has broken the boundaries of contemporary technical platforms. His interest extends to robotics, e-commerce and medical industries while he has assisted with monumental growth of various companies. He currently works with embedded systems and cloud robotics as architect for Cepheid. He has also worked as CTO of Entitle Direct Group and has graced companies as a lead engineer such as CARE Alliance, Priceline, Telekurs Financial, Genesis Automation and Adept Technologies. He assisted Priceline as an operations architect to move from $0 to $5 million per day by enhancing their software structure. He has extended his business accumen to vice president of research and development of Revelation Technologies, bringing combined experience of business development, management and cutting edge technologies.

Asia CTO: Barun Sharma

BarunJoining the Hubezoo with over 16 years of experience in multinational firms, Barun offers extensive and strategic options for development and growth. He currently works as the senior architect of Black Magic Design. In the past he was the lead engineer for Deutschland Bank, Credit Suisse, Amdocs Software Development and Thomson Financial. His positions have allowed him to offer management systems for collateral and has provided him with opportunities to build new technological infrastructures for finance and management programs.

Europe Technology Consultant: Jason Brittain

An accomplished technician and scientist, Jason Brittain is leading the European CTO position. For over 15 years, Jason has worked with innovative technical and scientific approaches to furthering our definitions of technology. His past experience includes work at eBay as a software architect as well as the Principal Software Engineer at NASA, where he discovered over 3,000 new planets. His experience has extended to a senior software engineer for Symantec, Friendster and Spiget as well as MuleSoft. He is author of the O’Reilly book on Tomcat and is also an author and speaker on computer engineering.

Global Big Data Consultant: Praveen Dylan

PraveenPraveen has over 19 years in big data initiatives and management of groups for big data. He has worked as a consultant and lead big data developer for networks, security compliance, analytics and scalable engineering products. His experience includes launching the top 20 security products in under 9 months, managing global engineering teams with exponential growth of up to 500%, creation and management of cloud platforms (SaaS), and development of over 20 Fortune 500 technological projects. Praveen’s interests for business and technology are inclusive of cost saving, optimized systems while finding innovative solutions for business efficiency.

Hubezoo CFOs


Executive Financial Advisor: Stephane Charbit

Stephane CharbitStephane Charbit is Director at Rotschild, responsible for sovereign advisory practice for governments, central banks and state-owned corporations. He is an entrepreneur and tech investor and also serves as an executive board member at the Harvard Club and is a member of the macroeconomics research center of Paris I La Sorbonne. He holds a background in Economics, Law, Public Affairs and Finance.

Global Financial Advisor: Christopher Wingader

ChristopherChristopher is currently the co-founder of a VC and private equity fund. He works specifically with management consulting and has a background in investment banking. He has extensive knowledge on capital and deal flow. In the past, he has successfully launched 11 private equity funds and 8 hedge funds. In 2015, he raised over $6 billion in capital through deal origination.

Europe CFO: Petr Sosik

PetrPetr holds a distinguished reputation with financial advisor and CFO positions, allowing companies to move from $0 to $2 billion in shareholder value. With an MBA in law and prudence as well as a background in business economy, Petr offers diverse strategies for finance. His experience includes a variety of financial positions in Europe, CFO of Unipetrol and founder of PJS advisory.

Asia CFO: Srikant Parthasarathy

SrikantCurrently founder and CEO of Chakra Venture Partners, Srikant brings years of experience to the Asian financial team. He currently works as a virtual CFO and startup accelerator with several successful venture startups with major corporations entering into emerging markets. Srikant is a CMA for India and the UK, accredited in 2009. He has also worked as India CEO and vertical head for Skills Competences and is Global Head of Policies of Chennai Tokyo. His expertise includes current management of over 15 corporations with expansion through Singapore and Hong Kong.

U.S. Financial Advisor: Samer Taki

Samer offers over 30 years of business knowledge related to wealth management, capital raise and business development for the US, MENA and Asian markets. He has managed over $100 million in client assets and has assisted with launching and maintaining funds for Asia private banking and Ban AlJazira in Emirates. He has restructured over $80 million in funding and has worked as an advisor for M&A opportunities. He currently serves as a financial advisor to Morgan Stanley and several private international clients. He has worked as the senior director of HSBC Private Bank Suisse, head of private banking for Emirates NBD and Senior Vice President for DBS Bank. He has served as a manager for Bank Aljazira, Sara S.A.R.L., and Merrill Lynch and has also gained experience as senior partner of Galleon and Regional Investment Director of American Life Insurance Company.

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