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Shopezoo is the largest online offline mall in the world!  It uses a central hub to integrate all physical and online malls and e-commerce. Boutiques to the largest malls in the world have easy to access, integrated information to guide shoppers.

Only 7% of consumers shop online.  93% don’t shop online; however, 61% look at what is online then shop physically.  This shows a gap in the effectiveness of online shopping, showing a gap between the physical and online interactions.

Shopezoo creates an easy – to – access interface for shoppers to find exactly what they need.  It offers comparisons between price, brand, category and location, allowing shoppers to gain consumer power while building knowledge about products they want.


Shopezoo Mindmap


To create congruency with the Shopezoo hub, retail outlets are given software programs.  This automatically updates inventory as it is sold or stocked.  It also lists specials, for real time updates.

The implementation of ASMs (automated shopping machines) will be given to malls and retail stores.  These will be available 24 hours per day for ordering and seeing what is available.  This will help balance supply and demand while adding efficiency and an interlink between online and offline information.

Shopezoo is part of the Hubezoo framework, offering new solutions for sustainability through technology.

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Executive Summary


Shopezoo is currently looking for major and minor investors to join the network. If you are interested, see what opportunities are currently available.

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