The Hub Economy: Where Everybody Wins

I’m interested in a system where everybody wins. When personal creativity is increased by opportunity, it allows entrepreneurs and businesses to reach levels of success. Of course, this would take a new organizational system and strategic methodology to boost the economic return at both a micro and macro level.

In the hub economy, there is less competition and more cooperation. There is collaboration between different types of businesses through systematic efforts. There is an interconnected link that allows consumers to always have access to what they want. There is a balance of different types of businesses to increase the prosperity flow. Online and offline connections allow the hub economy to work more effectively, while giving everyone a place for their products and services. When creativity and innovation are formulated as the foundation of the future, it changes the playing field.

The use of big data, innovative organizational structures, and balancing consumer and business powers changes the playing field. A formula that has the new technology foundation can deliver the hope of prosperity to all through a holographic approach with multiple tracks, or hub ways, would allow everyone to have a place in the game. Opportunity is created and is unlimited because of the structure. Development of entrepreneurs and maintenance of corporations is possible. Communities, niche hubs and interactions allow everyone to increase their probability of success with the macro economy sustaining up to 10% within 3 years. This is the foundation of the prosperity algorithm.

Prosperity Algorithm


In the hub economy, a structure is formulated that offers room to a population of 7 billion people to become successful.

Everybody wins.

A Helping Hand for Entrepreneurs

There are over 400 million entrepreneurs that are starting businesses at a global level with an increase in start ups by 60%. It is expected that this will continue to increase in 2016. However, even startups that gain value of up to $40 million are shutting down while 15% of entrepreneurs work a second job to break even. Of these entrepreneurs, 6 out of 10 state that they will not make enough revenue to get through 2016.

The individual enterpreneur adds great value to the economy and can drive forward the macro economy as well as individual communities. The increasing number of those that are venturing into their own creativity, also implies that a supportive system needs to be in place. Let’s look at the current system:

– Over 50% of entrepreneurs are turning to social media for advertising, which only focuses on business as a sub topic and is not the central key to most social media sites
– 2015 noted a 1.2% increase in online sales, a small amount considering the number of entrepreneurs using online strategies to build their business
– The total number of sales in e-commerce is at 11%…there is room for growth
– Entrepreneurs can’t compete against large corporations or e-commerce companies online, especially with tactics in SEO
Most entrepreneurs shut down in the first 5 years

A system where everyone wins allows entrepreneurs to have more than 15 minutes of fame through an online presence that doesn’t cater to their needs. The hub economy is designed to stimulate prosperity for everyone. By giving entrepreneurs a designated place online, combined with community networks, the amount of profitability they can make may double within one year.

Entrepreneurs deserve a space for creativity and innovation, which not only allows entrepreneurs to build their personal prosperity, but is the platform which changes communities. As entrepreneurship is valued and built into the community, there is the possibility for innovation as well as those who are inspired to become entrepreneurs to have a stronger chance of success.

Catering To Growth

Catering to every size business can be done when the structure for success is in place. It is pertinent to have an information based system, allowing customers to make choices based on their knowledge of businesses and allowing them to catch up to the Information Age Structure. Small, medium and larger size businesses in the hub economy increase profitability through a designated online place that uses information through big data organization for direct and targeted responses. Every business, no matter what size, is at a cross roads, shifting from an old to newer, technology structure based on organizational information.

Opportunities are created with functionality that allows businesses to highlight their authenticity, the number one director of a final sale. We are still following business structures that were popular in the industrial revolution and which brought prosperity into the 1980s. The demands of today are from the shift to the Information Age, in which different structures need to be set in place for larger corporations that push products to the masses.

Sustainability Ladder

The hub economy is supportive of consumer power, which allows the small, medium and large sized business to determine exactly what fits them. For this size business, their success is dependent on the unique products and services, prices, brand identity and the ability to offer consumers what is needed within the moment. I believe that no business should have to close their doors… Every size business deserves success and prosperity.

The system behind the business and what is available to them is what determines their life cycle of success. It is not something that needs to grow, climax and deteriorate. An infinity loop of prosperity, developed through information and financial organization, changes or eliminates the life cycle, allowing every size business to drink the fountain of youth. When businesses join the prosperity algorithm…. Everybody wins.  

About Brooke Hart

Brooke HartBrooke Hart, Director of Omatrix, is responsible for strategy, Internet business development and global marketing. She is also co – founder of Hubezoo G – Net, the first and largest online network.

Hart is a humanitarian and founded the Helpezoo hub, designed to help humanity. She also works as a serial entrepreneur and is currently developing the business, “Just Be You,” for fashion, beauty, cosmetic and organic product lines designed to empower both men and women. She guides and mentors entrepreneurs through her program, “Art of Success,” which follows her book, “9 Secrets to Success.”



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