The Valuation of Innovation

HubezooThe valuation of innovation in the global society is a fine art unto itself.  The technological wonders of the past, present and future will always be simultaneously met with amazement and resistance.

The greatest social and economic global impact occurs when innovation and infrastructure collide into positive disruption and manifestation.  The railroad, automobile, electricity, telephone, television, computers and Internet has proven this cycle again and again.

The global impact which comes from such innovation is similar to the valuation of priceless art.  The evolutionary factors and benefits which are accrued from innovation and infostructure appreciate through decades and compound the effect the investment returns.

What would be the value of the Internet to the global society?  Our entire economy has evolved into a techno-conomy, completely interdependent upon technology.

What is the value of all the world’s big data?  A deep analysis of the valuation of the Internet and big data is absolutely in the trillions.  The paradox of the exact value actually cannot be determined because it is so great, expanding on a continuum out to the infinity point.

We know that technology companies are some of the largest corporations in the world.  Innovation and infrastructure are the main drivers to the global economy.  Upon the realization two years ago that there was no technology infostructure, I began to develop a new technology Internetwork, Hubezoo to organize the big data into a smart infostructure.

We know this big data is expanding constantly and will never shrink.  In the same way as the universe, which is always expanding.  I call it the big data bang theory.

The sad fact that we allow our physical infrastructure to become susbstandard and effect our economy is true.  However, when this is applied to the Internet, consequences are much more serious and have created a digital dilemma of not being able to cope, manage, secure and monitor the big data of the world.

The gaps, shutdowns and braeks that take place on a daily basis on the Internet cost everyone in the global community time and money.  A white paper by Omatrix Center’s Senior Vice President, Brooke Hart, details how the antiquated technology of the Internet is costing the global community on a daily basis billions of dollars.

I believe our global economic crisis is the result of antiquation.  Antiquation and stagnation are a systemic partnership which can only create a global problem of epic proportion for the world at large.  When we cannot effectively connect and interact with one another, as we witnessed recently with the shut down of the Internet, obviously there are too many gaps that we can no longer manage our personal and corporate identities within the physical and virtual reality.

The red flag, or danger sign, of hitting the critical technology mass cross roads is clear.  The way to move the global community and economy would be to implement a new advanced technology info-structure, which would unite and upgrade the functionality of the entire Internet on a global level.  This, of course, is the only way to evolve and fix the current digital dilemma.  A digital dilemma which hides itself  like the Wizard of Oz, behind the curtain of antiquated technology, which no longer serves us.

It only deprives us from the economic acceleration and opportunities which we all are seeking and can come to us with new innovation.  The global economic crisis is sometimes referred to as a black hole, one which is supported by antiquation and stagnation.  If we reposition ourselves, not against one another and instead cooperate, and create interactivity through a new global infostructure which benefits every country, every corporation, entrepreneur and consumer, then immediately we shift the techno-conomy tidal wave from a negative to positive outcome with new innovation and infostructure.

The global economic acceleration can be achieved at a quantum speed through the proper strategic implementation of innovation and infostructure.

By Babaji Maharaj

Techno GuruBabaji Maharaj, chairman and founder of Hubezoo, is dedicated to the implementation of Hubezoo, the internetwork of the future, which can be the solution for economic acceleration.  Hubezoo is both a global search hub – social media network, which is the world’s first smart technology infostructure.  Hubezoo valuation is currently at $1.8 billion and is projected to reach $38 billion in revenue by year 5.  G-20 implementation begins in 2017.  The Future Is Here.  Learn more by clicking here.

Babaji Maharaj is the chairman of Hubezoo, founder of Omatrix Center and sometimes referred to as the Techno Guru.  He is on a mission to promote prosperity, unity, cooperation and peace through the application of right technology.

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