When Innovation Meets Investment

By Brooke Hart

InnovationA friend and artist that I know loves to tell me that she will only become famous after she dies. She often equates herself to her admirers of Vincent Van Gogh or Frieda Kala, both which suffered immensely for the sake of their artwork, using their art first and the possibility of commercialisation and fame as a thing which could be attained only temporarily, if at all.

The art of innovation and technology functions in a similar way. It is often misunderstood or even rejected by all but the marginalized. It is a way of seeing into the future, visualising what doesn’t exist and trying to find a way to make it fit into the world which does exist. It may often seem to the general public as something that is outrageous, unattainable or even impossible to create. It upsets the system that we accept and may even have consequences on our evolution.

I am continuously amazed and amused at the controversy and disruption that innovation can create. Pop shows, those who have risen to great power, new artistic movements and science that has almost been proven or rejected create a lot of talk and hype that often disperses the actual innovation. Even American Idol created resistance, controversy and debates that almost made the show not happen. Yet, the innovation became a sensation at an international level.

Our consciousness, at one level, initially rejects innovation. At the core, innovation questions the way that we live. Invention is designed to break our beliefs, our daily activities and may even equate to a question of how will we survive if…. The nature of innovation is to challenge how society will evolve at large and what the possibilities are of the future now. The creations, in all their power, also means a destruction of what we believe should have existed.

Pioneering New Businesses?

The most interesting movement happening at this time is a popular demand for investment and business ideas to meet innovation. While there is a subconscious pattern to initially reject change, at the same time, innovation is the key word for today’s businesses. We know that without a break of the industrial formulas and into the new possibilities, evolution may stagnate. Almost every leader of every country is pushing innovation and trying to break it into the threshold of their future.

The line that has to be made with investment for innovation is to upgrade formulas to accept innovation. An app which already exists and dives into the competition may be seen as innovative, specifically because it is using the concept of technology to drive specific results. Businesses with technology come out in groups of 10, not only testing the market but testing each other and using a fraction of potential innovation to see what will make the most money. Most dive into a competitive field, often which has hundreds or thousands of other similar apps or website systems. Unfortunately, business and innovation, when merged, may not have reached the frontier of actually pioneering new concepts.

The challenge and the opportunity lies with investors and business leaders, as well as the ability for the mass consciousness to begin accepting the true concept of innovation and embracing it’s potential as a format for better living and faster evolution. Looking at what IS or what WAS doesn’t offer a new train of thought or evolution to society at large. Looking at the what IFS of what MIGHT HAPPEN may significantly change the evolution of the planet… For better or worse.

Maybe the man that invented the wheel thought the same thing. That his innovation would change the evolution of the planet. The wheel inventor may have also been laughed at or ignored or even told that his innovation would not work. I often wonder if the wheel was initially accepted into the tribe or society in which it was created. Maybe not. I also wonder what would have happened if that innovator would have decided to keep doing the same thing for the sake of others saying that it would not work.

Today we have a different choice to make. As we embrace innovation, we also need to embrace the potential that business may have to function differently and that investors have the opportunity to take a different stance in how they initially approach others that have great ideas that may seem outside of the box. The threshold of our evolution relies on the possibilities of embracing a new world, one in which innovation can drive forward opportunities of a brighter and better future, based on how much we learn to accept the ideas and visions of today.

About Brooke Hart

Brooke HartBrooke Hart, Director of Omatrix, is responsible for strategy, Internet business development, research and global marketing. She is also co – founder of Hubezoo G – Net, the first and largest online network.

Hart is a humanitarian and founded the Helpezoo hub, designed to help humanity. She also works as a serial entrepreneur and is currently developing the business, “Just Be You,” for fashion, beauty, cosmetic and organic product lines designed to empower both men and women. She guides and mentors entrepreneurs through her program, “Art of Success,” which follows her book, “9 Secrets to Success.

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