Where Are You Going? A Vision of the Future

By Babaji Maharaj

Where are you goingThe real primal question for each of us on an individual and collective level is… Where are you going?

Our future is filled with amazement, anticipation, fear and uncertainty. A variety of emotions are triggered as we survey the potentiality on the future horizon.

Here are some possibilities for the future to look forward to.

A. Federal Reserve Robots. These print global currency on your command.
B. Space Time Teleportation and Travel Vacations.
C. A new genetically modified super human species.

The more we understand the quantum mechanics of the universe, it will open new doorways to do what appears to be the impossible. Can a total regenesis of the earth’s magnetic, bio field take place where all elementals are naturally rebalanced?

A right use of technology that could create such a global impact is now possible. I believe a great transformation lies just ahead.

The global economic crisis is a transformational shift from the millennium perspective. You see this millennium force playing itself out in war, extreme polarisation, tribal expression, and of course, the obvious boom and bust cycles.

The fragility and uncertainty of living in the challenge of our current cycle requires bold action. If the global society can continue to break through and free from the shackles of the past, which limits us, our economy and shared destiny, we will begin to enter a new era where the civilization of innovation can create miraculous changes and socially impact our society with a creative sustainability for the future.

That’s my vision of the future. That’s where I’m going. And you can come along with me, if you like.

About Babaji Maharaj

Techno GuruBabaji is the founder of the Omatrix Center, Hubezoo Creator and is a visionary in empowerment, education and enlightenment to the globe. He offers consulting, guidance and insight into all walks of life, ranging from Smart City technologies to health and wellness in the workplace.

Maharaj is often referred to as the Techno Guru from his creation of Hubezoo G – Net and his divine mission to promote peace and prosperity through the power of technology. The Techno Guru formula, Creativity + Technology = Prosperity and Peace (C+T = Px2), is setting a new stage to how technology is implemented.

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