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We are dedicated to serving humanity at a global level.  Our certification program combines a retreat setting with online formats for individuals, centers and corporations all over the world.  Besides offering an outstanding diversity of courses, we are committed to each student and friend.  Our curriculum includes special teachings which will activate wisdom, transformation, empowerment and enlightenment that are specific to your lifestyle needs.  




How It Works

There are three segments to our program.  The first are intensives where you can sample our teachings and curriculum.  The second are long term programs that offer certifications to teachers in meditation, Yoga, and alternative therapies.  We also offer an empowerment program and global alliance for marketing and development on your life path.  We are interested in empowering individuals so they can create their own successful life path in the career of their choice.

pick your track

Each program is based on creating your own track to studies.  You can work either long distance, in a retreat setting or both!  We also offer opportunities for you to implement past experience as a credit to our school.  

Just sign up and let us know if you are attending for credits.  We’ll track your time, evaluate your past experiences and will help you to earn your Omatrix Certification so you can quickly and easily begin your career!


It’s Your Path!  

The Omatrix University is dedicated to your individual needs.  We provide you with a wide variety of programs from the comfort of your home as well as exclusive retreats.  You decide how you want to progress.  This allows you to work with your budget and your time.

Time Friendly Program

We offer continual courses so you can go at your own pace.  You can take one e-course per month while working in the comfort of your home or join us for a retreat.  You may be eligible for certification of some of our programs after 40 days, including recognition of past experience and life history.  The time that you spend to get your certification is up to you!

Budget Friendly Initiatives

We know how much it takes to balance out your budget.  Take your courses at once or sign up with the total amount you can handle at any given time.  We’ll still give you the information and insight while evaluating your progress as our student.

No Stress, No Competition

Receive total support from the beginning stage to the intermediate level and advanced stages.  We guide you and help with our marketing and empowerment program, which guarantees your success as a teacher, healer and leader in your community.  We have thousands of connections through our network around the globe so you can link to like – minded people who will support and help you to manifest your career vision.


“The cosmic force is the eternal flame. The torch of light, divine power and wisdom is passed through various teachings, lineages, cultures, institutions and mystery schools. It has always been this way and will continue on into the future. The eternal is changeless – effortless – A divine flow which arises within at the perfect point of anointment.”

Babaji Maharaj





energy healing

Super Life Certification 

Learn a variety of modalities to boost your lifestyle.  Includes demonstration, practical applications and assistance to move into advanced levels of energy healing technologies.

The lifestyle certification is inclusive of specialized areas of study with Babaji Maharaj as well as other formats known to provide effective and fast healing.  Learn the philosophies, history and various formats for energy healing and how you can apply it to your personal practice.

Click here to read more about our Lifestyle Certification Program.



Super Yoga™ Teacher Certification 

Assists with developing the spiritual and physical sides through a powerful new format for the 21st Century, Super Yoga™.  This program will introduce you to Kriya Yoga as the main focus while allowing you to move into self – practice and implementation in the classroom.  You will also learn Kundalini Yoga as a practice so you can teach it to others.

The formats of Super Yoga™ taught are based on the studies of Babaji Maharaj and his years of practice.  It provides you with sequences that can be used to assist an individual with health and well – being through their daily practice as well as teachings that define the importance of specific movements at a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level.

Click here to read more about our Super Yoga™ Teacher Certification.

enlightenment 2

Meditation Certification

Learn different techniques for meditation and guided practices for individual assistance or for group practice.  Become empowered and develop techniques for awakening and transformation.

 Through our meditation certification program, you will be empowered to lead meditation groups and classes while assisting others with meditation practices for their health and well – being.  All techniques are provided to teach you the best formats for your own health and spiritual growth while assisting in transformation and awakening.


 Click here to read more about our Meditation Certification.

Super Diet Counselor

In today’s world, food is everything.  However, there are many that are lacking the skills and knowledge to have a balanced, Super Diet that offers peak energy.  If you are interested in the ultimate nutritional plan to guide others, then the Super Diet Counselor Certification offers more opportunities to guide others.

Through our Super Diet Certification, you will learn how to guide others with Super Foods and a balanced lifestyle.  Through this program, you gain insight into how to work with Super Foods and how to balance out nutritional programs in a way that no other dietary program offers!

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